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Pulsar Stage And Neutron Star


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A little presentation about Neutron Star and their principal properties.

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Pulsar Stage And Neutron Star

  1. 1. Neutron Star and Pulsar Stage Mattia Sibilia V°D a.s. 2013/14
  2. 2. Introduction Star Red Supergiant Supernova White Dwarf Black Hole Black Dwarf Neutron Star / Pulsar Planetary Nebula SNR (SuperNovae Remnant)
  3. 3. The Birth Red Supergiant Supernova explosion Outward (external strata) Inward ( central core ) Compression in a sphere ( 10 miles ) Neutron Star
  4. 4. The structure Compression Central core Dense, super-hot mass Change of structure electrons and protons neutrons
  5. 5. The properties - Density Neutron Star Teaspoon of neutron star's matter dense object 100 million tons No empty space in his structure On Earth it would disappear
  6. 6. The properties - Surface Enormous Gravity force Attraction of debris Pressed on surface Part of solid crust No “hills” or bumps Perfect glass ball
  7. 7. The properties - spin During supernova explosion Normally 30 times/sec The fastest one 600 times/sec Mass spin very fast Principle of Conservation of Angular Momentum
  8. 8. The properties - Temperature Temperature 500 million degrees X-rays White
  9. 9. The Magnetic Fields Supernova explosion Magnetic forces debris around the star Impact the surface of neutron star (due to the gravity force) jets
  10. 10. Pulsar Matter impacted turn back away from star Into two narrow beams of matter jets Point at Earth Pulsing Neutron Star or Pulsar
  11. 11. The Death Slowly the rest of supernova gases (fuel of neutron star) Will run out: No Jets colour: from white to red The spin decelerate Black frigid sphere with a powerful gravity Black Dwarf
  12. 12. bibliography ● Celestia's educational activity nr. 6 (Star) ● Geografia Generale (Crippa-Fiorani) ● ● ( for images )