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Qbit Technologies - The Virtual Reality Company


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Qbit Technologies is a Palo Alto start-up and Innovation Lab focusing in creating links between research on new technologies and businesses. We specialize in creating online virtual reality business solutions and products for the business world. Our VR online solutions are based on open source Silicon Valley disruptive technologies, enabling us to create interoperable and scalable 3D training simulations, 3D serious and business games, virtual collaborative 3D environments, virtual e-commerce, virtual shops and showrooms, virtual marketing 3D spaces, virtual geo simulations and virtual museums.

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Qbit Technologies - The Virtual Reality Company

  1. 1. Qbit Technologies The Virtual Reality Company Corporate Profile
  2. 2. The Virtual Reality Company Our Mission: Bridging breakthrough Virtual Reality technologies to the business world. Qbit Technologies is a Palo Alto startup developing online virtual reality business products and solutions. We are focused in creating strong links between research on new technologies and businesses in order to translate this relationship into unrivaled results. Through our pragmatic approach we grow our knowledge by experimenting and transforming innovation with the aim to create cutting-edge VR business solutions and products.
  3. 3. Service Experience Qbit is exceptional, visionary and customer-oriented. Exceptional VR solutions are created when limits disappear and new opportunities snap into focus. Visionary VR solutions create change, an energy spark which enhance business potentials and capabilities. We are passionate challengers of the status quo, compelled to perfection. Fearless innovators driven to explore. And, at the same time, we are committed and trustworthy collaborators. Exceptional We are committed to create the best solutions and products of our industry. Visionary We are pathfinders and strive to accomplish things in a manner that none has done before. Customer-oriented We understand that each customer is facing its own specific challenges. This is why Qbit solutions are developed hand in hand with you.
  4. 4. VR Solutions & Products We enable organizations to untap their potential with professional and innovative VR solutions. The virtual reality solutions and products developed by Qbit have peculiar features. We guarantee our VR solutions and products to be: Actually help and enhance businesses. Problem Solving Unrivaled in performance and functionalities. High Quality Readily accessible to the customer anytime and anywhere. Online Lead the way, they are not like others. Unique They facilitate interaction and collaboration with others. Collaborative Innovative Tailor Made Interactions with our solutions are easy for any kind of user. Easy & Intuitive Take advantage of the latest technologies. Customized to individual customer needs.
  5. 5. Global Presence With a presence in Silicon Valley and other innovation districts around the globe such as Israel and main European Research Hubs, Qbit Technologies has developed a strong innovation network, on which we draw leading edge virtual reality online business solutions. Qbit Partners
  6. 6. Partners In this time of rapid technological advancement, nothing is impossible with the right partners.
  7. 7. A vision for the Future A new way of conceiving the web will reshape people's lives. The Internet structure and architecture is evolving rapidly as new technologies are brought to market. The vision of a 3D Web has been taking shape in the last 10 years, with various players actively involved to reach an increasing level of immersivity of 3D environments. In 2016, VR is hitting the mainstream market, thanks to technology enablers, such as: innovative VR devices, new system architectures and increasing calculus power. In order to leverage VR’s full potential, organizations need to find the right competencies and resources to harness this new technology platform, and be able to quickly design and implement solutions to enhance their business model proposition. By 2020, VR will be mainstream and widely adopted in homes and offices. Qbit is currently developing VR online business solutions for its clients based on an innovative open source platform called High Fidelity.
  8. 8. High Fidelity (HiFi) is the online open source platform used to create scalable, interoperable and interconnected online 3D virtual worlds, which allow new kinds of interactions and experiences. HiFi enables you, through sharing the processing power, to scale to thousands of people and petabytes of data, increasing environment graphics quality and users online in real time in the same 3D space. HiFi works with several input devices starting from mouse and keyboard and through Oculus Rift and similar VR devices to reach a higher level of immersion and interaction. High Fidelity Support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion and many others. Many devices Registrable and searchable unique domain and location names. Domain Ownership Full 3D audio Apache license client and server. Open source Shared user-contributed computing power to host huge audiences. Limitless scale Scriptable API Sensor-based capture of gaze, facial expressions, and body language. Facial Feature Dynamic assignment of multiple nested levels of detail using sparse voxel octree structure. Content scalability Robust Javascript library for developing interactive experiences. Low-latency, server-mixed, reverberant audio from hundreds of simultaneous sources.
  9. 9. VR Solutions & Products A Qbit’s overview of the future virtual reality solutions and products: it’s time to start experimenting today to be among the tomorrow's first adopters. 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 VR Training online 3D spaces for professional training in different fields VR Museums online 3D spaces for art exhibitions and cultural events VR e-Commerce online 3D spaces for product showcase and sales, a new social shopping experience Extended VR Geo Simulations online 3D huge environments for several applications like training, e-commerce, etc. VR Big Events online spaces to manage big events with thousands of users in real time VR Collaboration online 3D collaborative spaces for conferences, events, fairs and meetings
  10. 10. Virtual Reality Training VR Training Simulations are based on online virtual environments developed to train professionals in a safe and engaging online 3D space, accessible anywhere and anytime. Our 3D training simulations are designed both to reduce your human resource management costs and to make your trainings more immersive, interactive and flexible, through real time user interaction and the engagement between Avatars (digital representations of the online users) and the 3D Learning Objects. ● Get your 3D training centre or 3D training room adapted to your project needs; ● develop 3D online spaces for different sectors: automotive, fashion & living, defense, engineering, education and more; ● develop your own training course material, and benefit of realistic interactions with 3D prototypes and items; ● equip your tutors with 3D tools to monitor and manage the students.
  11. 11. Virtual Reality e-Commerce VR e-commerce solutions are designed to bring the online shopping experience to the next level by taking the users into fully interactive 3D online stores. Our VR e-commerce experiences are more interactive and fun, compared to classic 2D online shopping, with the opportunity of making the 3D online shops accessible to anyone in real time around the globe, enabling a “social online shopping experience”. ● Develop your virtual shopping mall or just a single 3D shop and make a wide range of virtualized products available for your customers; ● offer your consumers an innovative e-commerce space where they can shop, interact with your 3D products and communicate with their friends; ● collect data about your customers and their shopping habits to better satisfy their needs and increase your business performances.
  12. 12. Virtual Reality Geo SimulationsVR Geo Simulations are 3D realistic geographical simulations of real cities, real life environments or infrastructures, which can be connected over the Internet, to provide you with reports in real time. We help you to connect the virtual environment, with real time data, coming from any environment, to our 3D geo simulations, so to achieve real time reports of any existing geographical area or infrastructure through the simulation. By tapping into geo data and Google's satellite API's, we will map and import real time geographical areas and recreate any location in the world, with a very high degree of fidelity. ● Get your own 3D geo simulation for training, collaboration or e-Commerce; ● connect your data to the 3D online space for real time interactive reports; ● test different scenarios, in a free-risk online 3D environment.
  13. 13. Virtual Reality Collaboration Virtualize your global scale fairs and events or your business place to host guests and have conferences and meetings, where thousands of people are expected to come. Our 3D online scalable environments will allow you to host a high number of users, who are connected at the same time in the same virtual space, ready to collaborate. Get your virtual conference centre with the reception, the meeting rooms and the auditorium: we will design for you a virtual extension of your business place within the 3D web. ● Communicate and interact in real time with you employees and clients, connected to the virtual world from anywhere and anytime; ● interact with 3D objects and share 2D content like presentations, documents, videos, web pages or images; ● take the opportunity to manage your own virtual events within your dedicated 3D environment and host clients and partners.
  14. 14. Virtual Reality Museums VR museums give you the opportunity to create your online 3D cultural space representing realistic or fantasy environments. We design VR museums which enable you to welcome visitors 24/7 from all over the world. VR museums enable the users to move through the 3D online environment freely and admire 3D artworks from different angles, learning more about the artist and the artwork itself, through the sharing of 2D content like videos, images and copies of original documents. ● Create and manage your own 3D cultural space; ● Manage guided tours to let your virtual hosts live real emotions through your 3D universe; ● Take the opportunity to communicate with your hosts in a funny and innovative way, let them be part of the virtual museum; ● Organize your cultural events within your 3D space and sell your products from the bookstore in 3D.
  15. 15. Virtual Reality Marketing VR marketing solutions are customizable marketing simulations designed to create the most immersive, impactful and interactive experience for your customers. This kind of online 3D solutions let you showcase and test products as well as services in virtual environments. VR marketing solutions allow your customers to live immersive experiences and to create emotional links with your brand. ● Build the best emotional online VR experiences and get dedicated VR marketing apps; ● impress, excite, entertain and engage your customers.
  16. 16. Take a first step toward the future Join us on our social media and visit our website for more info about our VR solutions and Virtual Reality. Click on the icons!