The Trusted Advisor


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  • P91:Clients don’t open up just because we listen, not even existing clients. They have to think we’re worth talking to on this issue. Some trigger has to be pulled in the mind of the client so that he or she will open up to us, in particular.P114Here are 12 ways stated how to take responsibility in a conversation.Choose one or two, and learn them by hart, some examples:> Its probably just me, but…> I’m sure you covered this before, but…> I’m probably thinking about this all wrong, but…> Etc.
  • The Trusted Advisor

    1. 1. Matthijs Lugtenburg2/10/12 THE TRUSTED ADVISOR D.H. Maister C.H. Green R.M. Galford ISBN: 9780743207768
    2. 2. Build-upFrom perspective to structure & theory so you can eventually put it to work Part 1 : Perspectives on Trust Part 2: The Structure of Trust Building Part 3: Putting Trust to WorkMatthijs Lugtenburg The Trusted Advisor - Samenvatting 22-10-2012
    3. 3. Part 1: Perspectives on Trust Building the right mindset is key to become a Trusted Advisor The territory of the Trusted Advisor Earning Building Trust relationships Giving Advice Effectively The Evolution of a client-advisor relationship Relationship- Trusted Advisor BasedBreadth of business issues Valuable Trust- Resource Based Subject Matter Service Expert + Offering-Based Affiliated Field Needs- Subject Matter Based of Process expert Depth of a personal relationship Matthijs Lugtenburg The Trusted Advisor - Samenvatting 3 2-10-2012
    4. 4. Part 2: The Structure of Trust Building3 factors that make trust, one that breaks it and 5 stages to build it.The Trust Equation Part Realms Lack of… leads to C = credibility Words WindbagsT = (C+R+I)/S R = reliability Actions Irresponsible I = intimacy Emotions Technicians S = self-orientation Motives Devians5 stages of Trust development 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Engage Listen Frame Envision Commit 2. Ears bigger than mouth; acknowledge and affirm 4, A vision of an alternate reality is sketched out. > Earn the right to suggest a problem statement or > Concretizes vision; generates clarity of objectives definition1. Attention becomes focused 3. The root issues stated 5. Steps are agreed upon; clearly and openly sense of commitment is renewed> Earn the right to tell and hear truths > Coalesces issues to move forward > Allows problem resolution to beginMatthijs Lugtenburg The Trusted Advisor - Samenvatting 42-10-2012
    5. 5. Part 3: Putting Trust to WorkWait till you really earn the trust of your client, go slow and secure and make them part of the solution(s)• Not every potential client places the same weight on every factor in the Equation, to find out ask yourself: How highly does my client value 1. me for my objective, unbiased and clear opinions > credibility 2. me for my track record with him, my integrity in doing what I said I’d do > reliability 3. The fact that he can talk to me about just about anything, without embarrassment 4. The fact that I am on his side, that I am in this for him or her • Ltd. Columbo > be like him… • Some Tactics to build trust on the assignment (p. 171/172) 1. Involving the client in the process 2. Making reports and presentations more useful and easier to pass on 3. Help the client use what we deliver 4. Making meetings more valuable 5. Being accessible and availableMatthijs Lugtenburg The Trusted Advisor - Samenvatting 52-10-2012