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Ancient Board Games


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A roundup of some of the most interesting board games ever discovered.

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Ancient Board Games

  1. 1. ANCIENT BOARD GAMES! E S T . 1 8 0 0 B C E Y O U R G U I D E T O
  2. 2. In a tomb in China, archeologists found the remnants of an ancient board game called "Liubo"
  3. 3. Liubo, a two player board game from the Han Dynasty, is one of many ancient games that have been uncovered.
  4. 4. These small stones from the Bronze Age are some of the earliest game pieces ever found.
  5. 5. This is a board from the "Game of 20 Squares" which originated in Sumer in 3000 B.C.
  6. 6. Noble families in the Aztec empire played "patolli" which usually involved some gambling.
  7. 7. The ancient Chinese game of "Go" is still played today, but originated up to 4000 years ago.
  8. 8. This board was used for the ancient Roman game "Duodecem Scripta" and can be viewed in Turkey today.
  9. 9. Mancala is still a very popular game today, but originated as far back as 1000 BCE