The Little Things - Manga by Henrik Dønnestad


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This is my manga, there's a lot of minor mistakes, like coloring, the text and so on. But yeah, I made this in just four - five weeks, so I'm pretty proud of myself, it's my first manga too, so the first one can always be improved I guess.

I made it by using five steps

1. sketching the pages
2. Inking the pages
3. Scanned them
4. Edited text and color in Photoshop
5. Made a layout in InDesign

It's a slice of life comedy thingy, made it easy for myself. I had too, considering it was a school project, couldn't make it too difficult, haha.

Well enjoy !

I would be glad if you guys would share some good critique :D

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The Little Things - Manga by Henrik Dønnestad

  1. 1. Meanwhile Zzz..... RIN huh? G Good Back Morning! again huh ? Hmm? Guess soI can stillbe able tomake it.. ..if I hurry! Ah! I overslept, I’ll get late Where is for school. Hiroshi anyway ?
  2. 2. Test already?!The It’s so weird you Well, you school haven’t know? Getting didn’t come even started yet. into school again. so late, it’s not Ugh.. big of deal, right?Yes! This testwas easier thanI thought. Yeah, I know. I Here are can’t help you, the new I’ve already uniforms, practiced for it.. try it on Yeah, it’s Hiroshi difficult Hope it Finished to get into fit you the normal rhythm again Woah ! I just Maybe wanna Oh! they’re Hiroshi sleep.. awesome! Did will help you get on for you? me too?I got We both know Uh, I kinda forgotoverexcited, that won’t yours MasaruI guess. happen. He’s Looks z .lazy. like z someone z thought of the same Of course
  3. 3. YEAH!AH!
  4. 4. This was a great idea, What’s the big Katsu. The weather’s You need idea?! so great. any help? Masaru? Ice cream! Can’t I’m smart I spend a day guess, don’t on the beach you think? without it right, Katsu? I’m going to showAkemi-chan! Help! those kids whose yeah.Rei-chan! the boss aroundW-what are you heredoing here? Right. We haven’t seen Masaru for a while The question Hello? These things always here is: Why Anybody happen to him are you stuck there? under the sand dumbass? Yeah
  5. 5. What’s been going on lately, Akemi?School started again Come back here !but the first week is Why didn’t youalways relaxing so.. help me out! Hiroshi! I’m not going to hit you. Okay, I’ll hit you !
  6. 6. I did it, I finished the game! yum tiramisuHey, didyou know? Tiramisu means “take Woah! me to heaven” in italian What? But I’m Ah! I didn’t too youg too even save die! the game..
  7. 7. ARGH! Homework this sucks! sucks.. So tired, ugh. I know! I’ll Maybe.. If I make a cup of destroy everyone coffee. else’s work.. This will ..and only mine KATSU! give me a would be left, even boost though it sucks.. it’ll be theI didn’t scare Hot, hot, best!you, did I? hooot! uh, don’t do that Hiroshi.
  8. 8. Then she said (Blah blah) and I was all like (Blah blah blah). But then it was all like (blah blah blah)Okay, okay. Gotta’stay awake! that’snot hard. Hahaha! (Blah blah) Are you listening Masaru!?
  9. 9. No sleeping in class Hiroshi- kun...ouch.
  10. 10. Hiroshi! Hiroshi! Why are you so lazy all the time!? I’m not This project lazy all the has to be time... done by Monday some hard work have never killed anybody you’re not? not at all I’m only But why takeStupid lazy on the chance?ball... AWH! days that ends with an “Y” AWH!
  11. 11. You mentioned Do you readgames, do you ever anythingplay board games? special Like chess, hmm? monopoly and such? Books HiroshiWell I’ve played Well, I readchess on my manga, lots oflaptop... but I comics, and lot of articles about games I owned the That’s about laptop in kick- it, I think. boxing I said books
  12. 12. So much homework to do.. why?Life is so harddude.Life is thegame we allneed to playmy friend And I love games, heh. Shut up!
  13. 13. Been awhile sincelast time I’ve played Katsu-kuuun Mwaah! mm.. umph Where’s I just learned a new the guitar dance, maybe I could pick? show you sometime? Hey, Rei? Yes su? t Ka Why do I When do always lose them when I the bus need them!? show up
  14. 14. What the hellStop man... sorry..doingthat youmoron!
  15. 15. Wow, the lastone of the newgame HYAA! e, esom !Aw ne o last
  16. 16. Did you What’shear that? Hear what? up? `Not much really, sit down dude. I’ve discovered the meaning with life Apparently that.. Oh? tellAHH! me then. We just hang around Isn’t that a... till we get used to quote? NOOO.. Woah! everything.. the cruelty AHHH!
  17. 17. Ouch! Woah! AH! Help! Ah!Well.. that Those threewas fun! are idiots.. H AHH Yeah... but Yep.. they are our idiots
  18. 18. We’veIs that snow?! man-Seriously aged soalready? Yep, and it’s not far right over yet. this guys? reminds of that ening in that game...