Hard candy


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Hard candy

  1. 1. “Hard Candy”Screenshot Storyboard
  2. 2. Welcome back. Sorry to expose you like this. Itsnot about sex although I have to admit, you are built. - HAYLEY
  3. 3. I never touched you. - GEOFF
  4. 4. I was trying to hold you off me, while I called the cops. - GEOFF Well, would you have shown them this? - HAYLEY
  5. 5. Why do you have a picture… - HAYLEY
  6. 6. …of Donna Maurer in your safe and and, wellhave you seen her? Because noone else has. - HAYLEY
  7. 7. I did meet Donna for coffee. I took a shot of her to make her happy. - GEOFF Just how happy did you make her? - HAYLEY
  8. 8. Look at her. Shes fully dressed, youcan see the coffee shop behind her. - GEOFF
  9. 9. I never brought her home. - GEOFF
  10. 10. So what what, you just said "see you later kid, its been fun"? - HAYLEY
  11. 11. You couldve thrown this away. You didnt. Wyou needed to hang on to it. You couldve talked to the police. - HAYLEY Youre right. - GEOFF Yeh, or… - HAYLEY
  12. 12. …maybe you had something to hide like, the extensive kiddie porn collection. - HAYLEY Look… - GEOFF
  13. 13. …Im not the monster you think I am. But ok, I ... crossed a line. Just call the cops, Ill turn myself in. -GEOFF Cute Pedophile pleads guilty. Oh, its not his fault,… - HAYLEY
  14. 14. …hes sick, he has an addiction. - HAYLEYIll do jail, isnt that what should happen? -GEOFF
  15. 15. Yeh, you might, you might get jail time. - HAYLEY
  16. 16. I dont know, therapy, drugs, group discussions, notifying people when you move into a new house, how bad is that really? - HAYLEY Itll ruin my career, itll ruin my life. - GEOFF
  17. 17. Well, didnt Roman Polanski just win an oscar? - HAYLEY
  18. 18. So why the ice? - GEOFF
  19. 19. Yknow I read the site profile about the person who took Donna Maurer, said hes er, a loner. Thinks hes pretty damn bright, aspowerful as a teenage girl, gonna strike again. Hmm, kinda sounds a lot like you. - HAYLEY It’s not me! - GEOFF
  20. 20. Maybe not, but those photos that I found and… - HAYLEY
  21. 21. …the way you let me get drunk, - HAYLEY
  22. 22. …youre a headline waiting to happen. - HAYLEY
  23. 23. Everybodyll be safer if I do a little preventive maintenance. - HAYLEY