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Service workers: what and why UmbUKFest 2018!


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Slides from my talk at Umbraco Uk Festival 2018

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Service workers: what and why UmbUKFest 2018!

  1. 1.
  2. 2. What Progressive Https onlyJavaScriptNetwork proxy Has no direct access to the DomBackbone of PWAs Runs in the background
  3. 3. Why 3
  4. 4. Installing Activated ERROR Idle Fetch / MessageTerminated Workflow
  5. 5. Normal First Request DOM Content Loaded: 6.85s Load: 24.87s Transferred: 863KB
  6. 6. Service Worker First Request DOM Content Loaded: 7.08s Load: 25.09s Transferred: 867KB
  7. 7. Repeat request DOM Content Loaded: 2.21s Load: 3.45s Transferred: 3.0KB
  8. 8. Repeat request with Service worker DOM Content Loaded: 192ms Load: 343ms Transferred: 0KB
  9. 9. Comparison First Request Repeat Request SW First Request SW Repeat Request DOM Content Loaded 6.85s 2.21s 7.08s 195ms Load 24.87s 3.45s 25.09s 343ms Transferred 863KB 3KB 867KB 0
  10. 10. Resources • • • • • • Mike Masey (@MikeMasey) Seriously thanks for all the help