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Hitwise 4 search trends and tips for 2020 - Lisa Luu - LondonSEO


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Hitwise 4 search trends and tips for 2020 - Lisa Luu - LondonSEO

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Hitwise 4 search trends and tips for 2020 - Lisa Luu - LondonSEO

  1. 1. 4 Search Trends and Tips for 2020 Lisa Luu Global Head of Insights, Hitwise LondonSEOMeetup – January 16th 2020
  2. 2. Understanding the digital consumer for over 20 years | About Us 2 Benchmark your performance against the competition by audience, visits, and conversions. Measure Understand the online behaviours of your consumers, and pinpoint new segments to acquire. Discover Get the best return on investment for paid and organic search, content, media, and affiliates. Optimise Track and improve your campaign performance through daily, audience-first analytics. Lift
  3. 3. In the last two years, searches have grown for: “Keto” +529% “Veganism” +52% “Fitness Trackers” +18% In the same period, searches have risen for: “Bottomless brunches” +186% “Sausage rolls” +138% “Vaping” +9% Do we lie to ourselves? 3 Source: Hitwise, UK. Searches in Jan-May 2019 vs Jan-May 2017.
  4. 4. Over-indexed behaviours & statements by generation Each generation has contradictory behaviours. GEN Z Regular organic shopper & gym goer AND Searches for “cake”, “pizza” and “burgers” GEN X Believes children should have low-fat & low-sugar AND Searches for “vaping” and “gin” GEN Y Fitness class regular AND Searches for “chocolate”, “buffets” and “bottomless brunch” BABY BOOMER Considers having a healthy diet AND Searches for “cider”, “wine” and “whisky” Source: Hitwise and Kantar Media TGI, UK. Gen Z = 18-24 y Over-indexed behaviours compared to the general online population. 4 weeks to 15/06/2019.
  5. 5. Aspire Oppose Contradict Ourselves De-bunk Segment Grow & Engage As consumers, we: As marketers, we need to:
  6. 6. Changes to Google & Amazon have ripple effects on adtech The Power of the FANGs 6
  7. 7. Mobile adspend has now exceeded desktop. 7Source: IAB and PwC Study, 2018 figures IAB and PwC study, UK 2019 Mobile Ad Share 51% Up from 45% in 2017. Mobile Adspend £6.9 B Up £1.65B year-on-year. Total Adspend £13.4 B Up 15% year-on-year.
  8. 8. How are search behaviours shifting? PART I
  9. 9. Source: Hitwise, UK. Includes and occurrences. 10 weeks to 14 Dec 2019 YoY. Retail 4.0B Google Occurrences ~8% YoY News 2.3B Google Occurrences +7% YoY Finance 2.4B Google Occurrences +12% YoY Travel 1.1B Google Occurrences +17% YoY
  10. 10. Source: Hitwise, UK. Mobile vs desktop rate by industry on web browser. 10 weeks to 14 Dec 2019 YoY. Retail 58% Mobile Rate * +8% YoY News 71% Mobile Rate +16% YoY Finance 46% Mobile Rate +9% YoY Travel 52% Mobile Rate +7% YoY
  11. 11. Organic Rate & YoY Change by Industry Organic search still dominates throughout the year. 11Source: Hitwise, UK. Organic vs Paid Rate by Industry. * Sep-Nov – YoY % Change. News: ~0% YoY * Finance: -1% YoY Travel: -3% YoY Retail: -5% YoY
  12. 12. Mobile is preferred for site visits over site purchases. 12Source: Hitwise, UK. August 2019. Weighted average over top 20 retailers. Top 20 Retailer Average – Visits vs. Purchases For top retailers, there is an even split between mobile vs. desktop. When it comes to web browser, a higher share of these purchases occur on desktop.
  13. 13. Is it all about Google? PART II
  14. 14. Internal Searches vs. Google Occurrences (in millions) Amazon has tipped the scale as a search engine. Source: Hitwise, UK. Includes and occurrences. 10 weeks to 14 Dec 2019. Amazon internal searches have exceeded traffic occurrences from Google… 14
  15. 15. Rate of Amazon Visits to Internal Search – Monthly YoY This has grown since Prime Day. Source: Hitwise, UK. Rate of Amazon visits that led to an internal search. Monthly YoY rate change. The rate of Amazon internal searches has grown since Prime Day month, peaking in November. 15
  16. 16. Top 5 – Weekly Online Buyers (in millions) Why is this important? Look at Amazon’s buyers. Source: Hitwise, UK. Buyers = Total unique users who purchased on UK sites. Weekly to 7/12/2019. Over retail peak season, Amazon attracted more online buyers than the next top 5 retailers combined. 16
  17. 17. For premium items, research and trust are still key Source: Hitwise, UK. Sep 2019. # Searches = Volume of searches within retailer's site. % Share = Share of keyword out of all searches within retailer's site. Top 5 Retailers – “Smart TV” Search Volume & Share For items like “Smart TV”, more searches occur on Argos than Amazon. TV brands have higher cut through on Argos & Currys. 17
  18. 18. How can you compete by targeting intent-based audiences? PART III
  19. 19. 19Source: Hitwise, UK. August 2019. Audience = visited vs. bought on Etsy and Amazon’s site. Oct-Dec 2018. Etsy vs. Amazon How can Etsy target their “Browser” audience? Etsy Visitors = 8.0M Etsy Buyers = 781K (11% Visitors) Etsy Browsers = 7.2M (89% Visitors) Etsy Browsers visiting Amazon = 6.9M (95% Browsers) Etsy Browsers buying on Amazon = 3.8M (53% Browsers) In Q4: The Problem: Over 50% of Etsy’s Browsers end up buying on Amazon. The Question: How can Etsy win back their Browsers?
  20. 20. 20Source: Hitwise, UK. August 2019. Audience = visited Etsy’s site, did not transact. Searches = filtered to Top 400 terms to Etsy’s site by this audience. 50% Share 50% Share •“Custom labels” •“Confetti holders” •“Brigitte Bardot” •“Love Island bottle” •“Hen party treasure hunt” •“Harry Potter wedding gifts” •“Vinyl storage cabinet” •“Family name signs” •“Steampunk” •“Sibling t-shirts” ETSY Browsers: Winning Them Back 1. Why do your browsers visit you? Searches by Audience and by Device Identify your audience’s searches by device. Feed keywords into SEO content and promos. Do this on the fly over peak period.
  21. 21. 21Source: Hitwise, UK. August 2019. Audience = visited Etsy’s site, did not transact. Searches = filtered to Top 400 terms to Etsy’s site by this audience. Etsy also stocks Etsy doesn’t stock •“Egg chair” •“Portable charger” •“Dream catcher” •“Beeswax wraps” •“Plant supports” •“Gaming chair” •“SD card” •“External hard drive” •“Fitbit” •“Nutribullet” ETSY Browsers: Winning Them Back 2. Why do they go to Amazon? Search by Audience and Clickstream Data Identify your audience’s searches to competitors. Promote products that you also stock. Incorporate brand/products for ones you don’t.
  22. 22. How can you find quick wins through search gaps? PART IV:
  23. 23. 23Source: Hitwise, UK. 12 weeks ending 25 August 2019. Zalando vs. The Industry Who is Zalando losing their visitors to? The Problem: Zalando is “losing” over 70K visitors directly to ASOS, far larger than any other retailer. The Question: How can Zalando close this gap with ASOS?
  24. 24. Feed search gaps into your SEO and content Zalando: Capitalising on Growth 24Source: Hitwise, UK. 12 weeks ending 25 August 2019. ▪ “High waisted bikini” ▪ “Jumpsuit” ▪ “Maxi dress” Feed product and non-branded searches into PPC for quick wins ▪ “Wedding guest dress” ▪ “Bridesmaid dress” ▪ “Prom dress” Identify seasonal searches to drive product promotions ▪ “Ann Summers” ▪ “The Ordinary” ▪ “PrettyLittleThing” Identify brand searches to expand current range or partner with new labels ▪ “Billie Eilish Style” ▪ “Women’s Size Chart UK” Collect advice-related searches for content to drive engagement
  25. 25. Summary Part V
  26. 26. 4 Search Trends & Tips for 2020 Key Takeaways 1. Search is THE source for competitor & customer intelligence. Unpick needs, aspirations and contradictions among your customers and potential customers. 2. Where and how we search is changing. Google is growing (for some industries), but think beyond. Amazon should be on your radar. Expect more transactions on mobile. 3. Marketing for marginal gains. That’s reality in 2020. Hone into your intent-based audiences, such as identifying browsers through search. 4. Use your competitors to find quick wins. Track who you are losing customers to, and why, by pinpointing searches to competitors. Feed these keywords to win them back. 26
  27. 27. Thank you! Lisa Luu Global Head of Insights Ask our Expert