Mobile Bid Multiplier Strategies In An Enhanced Campaign World


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Mobile Bid Multiplier Strategies In An Enhanced Campaign World

  1. 1. Mobile Bid Multiplier Strategies In An Enhanced Campaign World Matthew Umbro Director of Paid Search at Exclusive Concepts & Founder of PPC Chat #PPCchat
  2. 2. About Me• Proud member of the PPC industry since2007 and Director of Paid Search at ExclusiveConcepts. Have worked with clients acrossmultiple industries to attain profitable ROIs,improved lead generation and better brandawareness.• Founded PPC Chat to connect industryprofessionals across the world. Weekly topicsinclude principles such as writing effectivetext ads and keyword bidding strategy toPPC theory and advanced techniques.• I’m getting married this October! @Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  3. 3. Session Overview • EC Challenges • Choosing Bid Multipliers • Locations and Dayparting • Conclusions •Q&A@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  4. 4. Where’s My Control? • Separate campaigns per device • Device specific ads • Device specific keywords@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  5. 5. Mobile Bid Multiplier@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  6. 6. Computers vs. Mobile@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  7. 7. Before Switching…• Determine whether you want to enter mobile space• Define appropriate cost per conversion and revenue goals• Review mobile specific campaign data• If no mobile specific campaigns, review device segmentation report• View keyword research tool@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  8. 8. Identifying Bid Multipliers@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  9. 9. Use The Keyword Tool@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  10. 10. Location Targeting@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  11. 11. Identifying Location Multipliers@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  12. 12. Identifying Dayparting Multipliers@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  13. 13. Review Your Data@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  14. 14. Conclusions • Understand the challenges of Enhanced Campaigns • Choose mobile bid multipliers based upon historical data • Continue to create location specific campaigns • Review your data@Matt_Umbro #PPCchat
  15. 15. THANK YOU! @Matt_Umbro