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Road Safety Infographic - Sharing the Road with Lorries


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A useful infographic designed to help road users understand the dangers of sharing the road with lorries and HGV's. This road safety infographic highlights how to share the road safely.

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Road Safety Infographic - Sharing the Road with Lorries

  1. 1. FATAL ROAD ACCIDENTS IN 2014 INVOLVING HGV’S 240 TRAFFIC FATALITIES INVOLVE COLLISIONS WITH LARGE HGV’S 1 IN 9 OF LORRY CRASH FATALITIES OR INJURIES INVOLVE PASSENGER VEHICLES 90% DRIVE SAFE AND BE ALERT AROUND HGV’S ON THE ROAD 1 PASS LORRIES WITH CAUTION When passing a lorry on a single carraige way, make sure you have a clear view of the road ahead and oncoming traffic. 2 AVOID BLIND SPOTS Make sure the lorry driver can see you in their mirrors, 1/3 of fatal crashes occur when cars are in lorry blinds spots DO NOT LINGER Give lorries plenty of space to avoid danger from sudden braking, tire blowouts and tipping in high winds minimum gap second 4 3 DO NOT CUT OFF LORRIES Leave plenty of buffer room when you pull in front of a lorry. Remeber Large HGV’s can not stop as quick as cars! 2.2t 40t At 60mph... 140ft stopping distance 350ft+ stopping distance 4 5 ALLOW SPACE FOR HGV’S During turns, HGV’s rear wheels follow the shorter path than the front, therefore blocking inside lanes of corners & roundabouts 6 PRACTICE PATIENCE Try to be predictable, avoid making erratic moves if a HGV is not going as fast as you like 7 LOWER YOUR HEADLIGHTS Bright headlights reflecting off large side mirrors can startle HGV drivers 8 SIGNAL SOONER Lorries require more time & distance to slow down & stop, so signal early when changing lanes, stopping or turning near HGV’s Signal at least 3 seconds before you make your move 9 MERGE WITH CARE Avoid merging in front of a lorry when traffic ahead may stop or slow. 10 PAY ATTENTION Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers Rubbernecking Texting The UK’s Leading Freight Exchange Brought to you by