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Da8 vs Radburn Football Programs


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Player Bio's and More

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Da8 vs Radburn Football Programs

  1. 1. A  Game  for  the  Ages   Graciously  Prepared  by     Mr.  Ma9hew  Sarna  
  2. 2. Team DA8
  3. 3. Michael  Senzer   Nickname:  Mr.  Magoo     College:  Michigan  State   University   Favorite  Food:  Sack  Lunch   h9p:// v=7_Tv5wNJyIw     Career  Aspira6ons:  Introduce  a   new  clothing  line  of  water  wings   and  bedazzled  wetsuits   Interes6ng  Fact:  Senzer  was  The   Miracle  on  34th  street        
  4. 4. Harrison  Small   Nickname:  The  6th  sense     College:  Emory  University   Favorite  Food:  Harriet  Sarna’s  cookies   h9p:// v=AYFPOS44dMw     Career  Aspira6ons:  Become  the  direct  poliWcal   advisor  to  future  President  Dikembe  Mutombo   Mpolondo  Mukamba  Jean-­‐Jacques   Wamutombo   Interes6ng  Fact:  Harrison  was  the  first  monkey   shot  into  space    
  5. 5. Eric  Weil   Nickname:  Day  Man     h9p:// v=TzaVd6zl2bA  (1:00  –  1:47)   College:  Boston  University   Favorite  Food:  Gio’s  57     Career  Aspira6ons:  Fighter  of  the   Night  Man  /  Champion  of  the  Sun   Interes6ng  Fact:  Eric  was  the   original  author  of  Great   Expecta+ons.  Charles  Dickens   plagiarized  the  whole  thing.   h9p:// v=jCB4XRRn0WU      
  6. 6. Max  Weil   Nickname:  Inspector  Jacques  Clouseau   College:  Penn  State  University   Favorite  Food:  Liver  with  some  fava  beans   and  a  nice  chianW     Career  Aspira6ons:  Become  a  sign   language  teacher  for  the  blind   Interes6ng  Fact:  Is  not  allowed  within  200   feet  of  any  schools,  playgrounds,  or   Chucky  Cheese’s     h9p:// v=IFp2jkeonEI      
  7. 7. Michael  Zysman   Nickname:  Mr.  Mononucleosis     College:  Bentley  University   Favorite  Food:  30  packets  of   ketchup     h9p:// watch?v=wEhWZ9edw90     Career  Aspira6ons:  Become   the  Dean  of  Admissions  for  an   accredited  university     Interes6ng  Fact:  If  you  feed   Zysman  aler  midnight  he  will   transform  into  an  evil  Gremlin    
  8. 8. Noah  Findling   Nickname:  Elwood  Blues   h9p:// watch?v=YbuTbTJQ-­‐TY     College:  Arizona  State   University   Favorite  Food:  Bundt  Cake   Career  Aspira6ons:  Court   Jester  for  the  Pope  and  his   Cardinals   Interes6ng  Fact:  Noah  was   the  inspiraWon  for  the  TV   sensaWon  Steve  Urkel        
  9. 9. Ma9  Sarna   Nickname:  The  Hash  Slinging  Slasher     h9p:// v=4Ks5yClM0bw  (0:25  –  0:40)   College:  University  of  Maryland   Favorite  Food:  Anything  with  chocolate     Career  Aspira6ons:  Create  a  Wme  machine  out   of  a  Delorean     Interes6ng  Fact:  SWll  is  deathly  afraid  of  the   Tooth  Fairy,  Santa  Claus,  and  Colin  Farrell        
  10. 10. Team Radburn
  11. 11. Conor  Cahill   Nickname:  Mrs.  Douboire     h9p:// watch?v=-­‐R21imckcUE     College:  Rutgers  University   Favorite  Food:  Sugar  and  Spice   and  Everything  Nice     Career  Aspira6ons:  To  finally   complete  his  dream  of  digging  a   hole  to  China     Interes6ng  Fact:  Conor  was  the   stunt  double  for  Chris  Tucker  in   Rush  Hour  2      
  12. 12. Ben  Seiden   Nickname:  His  Majesty       College:  Virginia  Tech   Favorite  Food:  Carrot  Cake   Career  Aspira6ons:  D.A.R.E  speaker  for  high   school  students  before  going  to  Seaside   Interes6ng  Fact:  The  Wacky  Waving  Inflatable   Arm  Flailing  Tube  Man,  popular  outside  of   many  car  dealerships,  was  based  off  of  Ben’s   body  shape   h9p:// v=6GznhT__PXs        
  13. 13. Kevin  Ke9ell   Nickname:  Woodchuck     College:  Syracuse  University   Favorite  Food:  Fried  Worms   Career  Aspira6ons:  To  build  the  first  true   Derek  Zoolander  Center  for  Kids  Who  Can't   Read  Good  and  Wanna  Learn  to  Do  Other   Stuff  Good  Too   h9p:// v=NQ-­‐8IuUkJJc     Interes6ng  Fact:  Kevin  is  not  Kevin’s  name   at  all!  It’s  actually  Phillip      
  14. 14. Yaniv  Stern   Nickname:  The  Hamburglar     h9p:// watch?v=AU1iq9rqYJ0     College:  University  of  Maryland   Favorite  Food:  Jell-­‐O  Pudding   Pops     Career  Aspira6ons:  Create  his   own  consulWng  service,   providing  fashion  Wps  to  those  in   need   Interes6ng  Fact:  Yaniv  has  never   before  used  a  pen  or  pencil,  only   crayons    
  15. 15. Luke  Walsh   Nickname:  The  Man  in  Tights   h9p:// v=RtmbZnXSQ7k     College:  United  States  Naval  Academy   Favorite  Food:  Burger  with  le9uce  and   tomato,  Heinz  5,  and  french-­‐fried  potato,   big  kosher  pickle  and  a  cold,  dral  beer     Career  Aspira6ons:  Become  the  Red   Power  Ranger     Interes6ng  Fact:  Luke  consistently   a9empts  to  jump  off  the  roof  of  his  house   and  fly      
  16. 16. Jeremy  Levin   Nickname:  Uptown  Girl   h9p:// v=hCuMWrfXG4E     College:  University  of  Maryland   Favorite  Food:  Burnt  Chicken  Nuggets   Career  Aspira6ons:  To  have  a  statue  made   of  solid  steel  erected  in  honor  of  his   successful  career  as  a  WNBA  commentator   Interes6ng  Fact:  Jeremy  can  play   Camptown  Races  on  the  piano  with  his   toes    
  17. 17. Michael  Silberman   Nickname:  Mr.  Narwhal   h9p:// v=rBSlev7NMgU       College:  Rutgers  University   Favorite  Food:  Pickled  Herring     Career  Aspira6ons:  Set  the  world   record  for  spinning  around  the   most  Wmes  without  throwing  up     Interes6ng  Fact:  Mike’s  face  is   printed  on  the  bo9om  of  every   Bubble  Bee  Tuna  Fish  can