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  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Matthew J Penn EXPERIENCE (Summary) National Solar Observatory, Tucson AZ Associate Astronomer with Tenure 2006 - present National Solar Observatory, Tucson AZ Associate Astronomer 2001 - 2006 California State University Northridge, Northridge, CA Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy 1998 - 2001 National Solar Observatory, Tucson AZ Junior Scientist 1995 - 1998 National Solar Observatory, Sunspot NM Research Fellow 1992 - 1995 EDUCATION Ph.D. Astronomy (Sunspot Helioseismology) University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI (Dr. Barry LaBonte) 1988 - 1992 M.S. Astronomy University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI 1986 - 1988 B.S. Astronomy California Institute of Technology 1982 - 1986 Awards: AURA Technical and Innovation Award (2005) CSUN Julian Beck Teaching Award (2000) CSUN Faculty Research Award (2000, 1999) Griffith Observatory Writing Contest (1995)
  2. 2. 2016 04 08 EXPERIENCE (Detailed) National Solar Observatory, Tucson Arizona Associate Astronomer / Associate Astronomer with Tenure 2001 - Present Specific roles include Telescope Scientist for the NSO/McMath-Pierce Solar Facility on Kitt Peak; supervisor for technical and scientific staff members; Principal Investigator for the NSO Research Experience for Undergraduate and Teachers program; site-survey, scientific requirements design, path-finding science and instrumentation, and hiring committee work for the NSO Daniel K Inoyue Solar Telescope; envision and conduct original scientific research and co- organize an international scientific workshop; interface with international newspaper, radio and TV reporters for education and public outreach projects; participated in several proposal review panels for NASA; member of American Astronomical Society 2017 eclipse planning taskforce. • For the McM/P facility, worked cross-functionally with engineering, technical, operations, management, education and scientific staff within the NSO, from the local Tucson area, from across the USA and the international science community. Established quarterly observing schedules; developed new instrumentation; diagnosed and repaired equipment malfunctions; hired, supervised and mentored new observing staff; promoted the facility with local educators and international media. Worked to divest the facility and to create an international operations consortium with NSO, NOAO and NSF management including developing minimal operations budget requirements. • For the DKIST project, Chair, Coronal Working Group (2001-2004),Chair, Night-time Working Group (2001-2004),Site Testing Committee member, Sky Brightness Monitor Data Analysis, member, Science Working Group (2001-2005), Cryo-NIRSP: PDR, CDR committee member, DL-NIRSP: PDR, CDR committee member, VISP: PDR committee member, Current member of NSO/DKIST Science Group and lead for DKIST Critical Science Research Area: Magnetic Connectivity and Energy Flows in the Outer Atmosphere; author of several DKIST technical documents including: NIRSP: Instrument Science Requirements Document, Cryo-NIRSP: Instrument Science Requirements Document, DL- NIRSP: Instrument Science Requirements Document, DKIST Report # 0001: Background in coronal observations and sections of the DKIST Science Requirements Document. Currently developing two DKIST Critical Science Projects with the solar community: 4-micron Polarimetry (Goode, Cao, Xu, Plymate…) and IR Flare studies (Hudson, Kaufmann, Krucker, Jennings, Jhabvala, Lunsford…) • Supervisor for two experienced operations staff, hired and mentored two new operations staff, hired and mentored a scientific post-doctoral fellow; thesis advisor for two graduate students. • For the NSO REU program, developed funding proposals as Co-Investigator (2003-2007) and then Principal Investigator (2008 – current). Redesigned the NSO REU program to adapt to new NSF policies in 2015. Mentored 21 undergraduate students in the NSO REU program since 1993. Worked with 5 teachers through the NSO RET program, including follow-up work with their students. • Characterization, calibration, and scientific results published using four very different types of infrared arrays: InGaAs, HgCdTe, InSb and QWIP. • Authored or co-authored 31 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles (with two more currently submitted) and co-edited one conference proceeding. • Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator for 13 funded NSF, NASA and corporate proposals totaling about $5.6M. PENN CV
  3. 3. 2016 04 08 California State University Northridge Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy 1998 - 2001 Specific roles included teaching introductory and upper level astronomy courses, physics classes for engineers and physics majors; create new laboratory astronomy class; envisage, develop funding, and execute original research program at the CSUN San Fernando Observatory. • Taught several introductory astronomy sections in the CSUN planetarium. Ran planetarium shows as part of the class. Developed peer-instruction materials and introduced new quiz-taking technology into the class. Developed a new astronomy laboratory class featuring remote observing and use of the campus Celestron telescope for exo- planet observations, resulting in one undergraduate senior project. • Developed new infrared solar physics research program for the CSUN San Fernando Observatory, including using borrowed InGaAs detector to conduct scientific research, and then developed funding to purchase a HgCdTe array detector for dedicated use at the observatory. • Author or co-author for 8 peer-reviewed scientific papers, Principal Investigator for 2 funded proposals totaling $242k; collaborator from partnering institution for $10.9M NSO DKIST Design and Development proposal. • Worked with LA-area middle-school teacher and his class as public outreach effort for CSUN Physics Dept. PENN CV
  4. 4. 2016 04 08 Research Mentoring Experience: Graduate Students: 2011-2014 Tom Schad (UA) 2014- Xu Yang (NJIT) NSO/REU Students: 1993 Steve Gallo (SUNY) 1994 Eric Burge (Harvard) 1996 Christopher Allen (Amherst College) 1997 Laurel Brown (Colgate University) 2001 Jose Ceja (CSUN) 2002 William Plick (Connecticut College) 2003 Sarah Jaeggli, (UA) 2004 Statia Luszcz (Cornell) 2005 Andrea Allen (FIT) 2006 Rebecca MacDonald (UWash) 2007 Melissa Butner (Austin Peay) 2009 Allison Towner (Wellesley College) 2010 Erin Cox (UA) 2012 Amy Gottlieb (UMaryland Baltimore) 2015 Charlotte Guthery (Rochester Inst. Tech) 2016 Sarah Kova (SIUC), Logan Jensen (U Wyoming), A Macieira (U Arizona) Undergraduate Students: 1994 2 UTEP Engineering students 1997 Jennifer Mello (UA Spacegrant) 1998 Rebecca Linck, Catherine Smith (CSUN) 1999 Maya Tovares (CSUN) 2000 Elizabeth Bell, Greg Frye (CSUN) 2003 Ali Schmidt, Jill Gerke (UA ATST) 2004 UA undergraduate 2015-2016 Zachary Watson (U Arizona) 2016 Honor Hare, Patricia Thompson & Robert Bosh (Western Kentucky), Miles McKay (South Carolina) Teachers: 1998 Will Rogers Middle School teacher 2002 Ben Briggs (Cross MS, Tucson AZ) 2011 Catherine Love (Kayenta MS, Kayenta AZ), Samah Eljerdi (Doolen MS, Tucson, AZ) 2012 Sarah Streb (Salpointe HS Tucson, AZ) 2015 Joseph Putko (Dublin School, NH) High School Students: 1996 3 Salpointe students 1997 1 University High student 2014 Nick Irvin (Cienega HS) 2016 Jack Erickson’s Astronomy club (Cienega HS) PENN CV
  5. 5. 2016 04 08 Funding History ($6.2M as PI or Co-PI): colorMaker, Inc. “Funding for equipment for the Citizen CATE Experiment”, PI M Penn, 04/08/2016, $10,000 Celestron, LLC, “Equpiment contribution to the Citizen CATE Experiment”, PI M Penn, 02/01/2016, 60 CG4 mounts and RA drives, approx. $32,400 total value NASA-SMD NNX16AB92A, “Geographically distributed citizen scientist training for the 2017 Citizen CATE Experiment”, PI M Penn, 12/31/15, $525,739 NASA-HDEE XXXX “Data Services Upgrade: The Mees CCD Halpha Imaging Spectroscopy”, PI KD Leka, Co-Is E Wagner, M Penn, S Habbal, 12/18/2015, $45,000 Mathworks, Inc, “Software and miscellaneous funding to the Citizen CATE Experiment”, PI M Penn, 7/28/2015, 5 imaging licenses, 100 MatLab at home licenses, $17,000 unrestricted gift; approx. $57,000 total value NSF-AST 1460743; “REU Site Program at the National Solar Observatory”; PI M Penn, Co-PI H Uitenbroek; 6/1/2015; $198,207 DayStar Filters, LLC, “Equipment contribution to the Citizen CATE Experiment”, PI M Penn, 4/10/2015, 60-100 telescopes and solar filters; approx. $50,000 total value NSF-AGS 1445717, “Planning Workshop for Observations and Outreach Activities During the Total Solar Eclipse of 21 August 2017”, PI S Habbal, Co-PI M Penn, K Marvel, 7/2/2014, $27,911 NSF-AGS 0923199, “MRI: Development of Cryogenic Infrared Spectrograph for the 1.6m Solar Telescope in Big Bear”, PI P Goode, Co-PI R Coulter, W Cao, M Penn, T Ayres, 8/24/2009, $1,314,315 NSF-AST 0852096, “REU/RET Site Program at the National Solar Observatory”, PI M Penn, Co-PI S Keil, 8/18/2009, $535,002 NSF-AST 0755415, “REU Site Program at the National Solar Observatory”, PI M Penn Co-PI S Keil, 3/26/2008, $289,991 NSF-ATM-0421582, “MRI: Development of Infrared Instrumentation of High-Resolution and High-Precision Solar Magnetic Field Observations”, PI H Lin, Co-PI J Kuhn, D Mickey, M Penn, T Rimmele, 8/1/2004, $1,978,755 NSF-AST 0243912, “REU/RET Site Program at the National Solar Observatory”, PI KS Balasubramaniam, Co-PI M Penn, 6/24/2003, $569,007 NSF-AST, “Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (ATST) Design and Development Phase Proposal", PI S Keil, Co-PI's: P Goode, J Kuhn, M Knoelker, R Rosner, Collaborator from partnering institution (one of several): M Penn, 5/01/2001, $10,949,499.00 Air Force Office of Scientific Research F49620-00-1-0355, “An Infrared Camera System for Solar Physics Research and Student Education”, PI M Penn, Co-PI S Walton, 6/1/2000, $189,438 PENN CV
  6. 6. 2016 04 08 NASA NRA-98-OSS-03, “Coronal Counterparts of Chromospheric Quiet Sun Dynamical Events”, PI M Penn, 10/30/1998, $52,700 NASA NRA-96-OSS-09, “Ground-Based / Space-Borne Observations of Solar Atmosphere Dynamics”, PI M Penn, Co-I H Jones, 1/31/1997, $56,500 NASA NRA-96-OSS-09, “Support of Flight-Mission Observations of the Sun with the NSO / Kitt Peak Vacuum Telescope”, PI H Jones, Co-I M Penn, 1/31/1997, $244,200 NASA NRA-96-OSS-09, “A Study of the Process of Magnetic Flux Disappearance in Canceling Bipoles”, PI K Harvey, Co-I H Jones, M Penn, D Hassler, 1/31/1997, $31,161 NASA NRA-93-OSS-07, “Rapid, High Resolution CCD Photometry of P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 – Jupiter Collision”, PI M Penn, Co-I J Luu, 12/21/1993, $12,000 PENN CV
  7. 7. 2016 04 08 Publication Record (59 papers published, 2 co-edited proceedings, 1 paper accepted ) Penn, M, Uitenbroek, H, Clark, TA, Coulter, R, Goode, PR, Cao, W; 2015, “Spectropolarimetry of Atomic and Molecular Lines near 4135nm”, Solar Physics, accepted Penn, M, Jhabvala, M, Jennings, D, Lunsford, A, Hudson, H, Krucker, S; 2015, “Spectral Observations of a White-light Flare in the Mid-Infrared”, ApJ, 819L, 30. Watson, F., Beck, C., Penn, M.J., Tritschler, A., Martinez-Pillet, V., Livingston, W.; 2015, ``Cross-calibrating sunspot magnetic field strength measurements from the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope and the Dunn Solar Telescope '' Solar Physics, 290, 3267. Schad, T., Penn, M.J., Lin, H., Tritschler, A.; 2015, ``He I vector magnetic field maps of a sunspot and its superpenumbral fine-structure'' Solar Physics, 290, 1607. Penn, M.J.; 2014, ``Infrared Solar Physics'' Living Reviews in Solar Physics, v11, p2. Watson, F.T., Penn, M.J., Livingston, W.; 2014, ``A Multi-Instrument Analysis of Sunspot Umbrae '' ApJ, 787, p22 Schad, T.A., Penn, M.J., Lin, H.; 2013, ``He I Vector Magnetometry of Field-aligned Superpenumbral Fibrils '' ApJ, 768, p111 Livingston, W., Penn, M.J., Svalgaard, L.; 2012, ``Decreasing Sunspot Magnetic Fields Explain Unique 10.7cm Radio Flux '' ApJ Letters, 757, 8. Ren, D., Zhang, X., Penn, M., Wang, H., Dou, J., Zhu, Y., Rong, L., Wang, X.; 2012, ``Recent progress on the portable solar adaptive optics '' SPIE, 8447, 84473K-1 Penn, M.J. & Livingston, W.; 2011, ``Long-term evolution of sunspot magnetic fields'' IAU Symposium 273, p126 Penn, M.J., Schad, T., Cox, E.; 2011, ``Probing the Solar Atmosphere Using Oscillations of Infrared CO Spectral Lines'' ApJ, 734, p47 Schad, T.A., Jaeggli, S.A., Lin, H., Penn, M.J.; 2011, ``Spectropolarimetry of Chromospheric Magnetic and Velocity Structures AboveActive Regions '' ASP Conference Series, v437, 483 Ren, D., Penn, M., Plymate, C., Wang, H., Zhang, X., Dong, B., Brown, N. Denio, A.; 2010, ``A portable solar adaptive optics system: software and laboratory developments '' SPIE, 7763, 77363P-1 Schad, T.A. & Penn, M.J.; 2010, ``IR spectroscopy of COmosphere dynamics with the CO first overtone band'' Astron. Nachr., v331, n6, p589 Schad, T.A. & Penn, M.J.; 2010, ``Structural Invariance of Sunspot Umbrae over the Solar Cycle: 1993-2004'' Solar Physics, v262, p19 Jaeggli, S.A., Lin, H., Mickey, D.L., Kuhn, J.R., Hegwer, S.L, Rimmele, T.R. & Penn, M.J.; 2010, ``FIRS: a new instrument for photospheric and chromospheric studies at the DST'' Mem. S.A.It. Vol. 81, 763 PENN CV
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