The Human Endocrine System


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A basic Description of the Human Endocrine System. Aimed at Yr 9 Students (14-15 year olds).

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The Human Endocrine System

  1. 1. Year 9 ScienceStrathcona BGGS
  2. 2. The Endocrine System Consists of glands that produce chemicals that act as messengers or signals. These chemicals are known as hormones. Hormones are released into and carried by the blood stream. Changes produced by hormones are generally:  Slow  Long term  Irreversible :Growth and Reproduction
  3. 3. Parts of the Endocrine System
  4. 4. A K B J C D EH F G I
  5. 5. The Pituitary Gland  Is sometime called the ‘Master Gland’ as it regulates most other endocrine glands.  Releases hormones including:  Growth Hormone (GH)  Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  6. 6. The Thyroid Gland  Is responsible mainly for the regulation of metabolic rate.  Major hormone:  Thyroxine
  7. 7. The Islets ofLangerhans Are groups of cells in the pancreas Regulates blood sugar levels Releases hormones including:  Insulin – lowers blood glucose levels  Glucagon – raises BGL
  8. 8. The Adrenals  Located on top of the Kidneys  Has two layers  The outer Cortex  Which releases aldosterone and cortisol.  The inner Medulla  Releases adrenaline and noradrenaline - key hormones of the stress response
  9. 9. The Ovaries  Release the female sex hormones:  Estrogen (Oestrogen)  stimulates the development of female secondary sexual characteristics  involved in monthly preparation for pregnancy  Progesterone  stimulates the growth of mammary glands  prepares the uterus for pregnancy
  10. 10. The Testes  Secretes the male sex Hormone:  Testosterone  very important in the development of a male embryo.  stimulates the development of male secondary sexual characteristics
  11. 11. The Nervous System v The Endocrine SystemThe Nervous System The Endocrine System Uses (mostly) Electrical  Uses Chemical Messages Messages (Hormones) Fast Acting  Generally Slow Acting Reversible changes  Generally Irreversible changes Dedicated signal system  Uses Blood System to spread (nerves) hormones