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How Vocational Education is Improving in 2017


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New developments in vocational education and career options are underway in a few U.S. states. Matthew Mann talks about how New Jersey, Arkansas, and West Virginia are making moves this school year to improve tech ed.

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How Vocational Education is Improving in 2017

  1. 1. SCHOOLS’ IN: H O W V O C A T I O N A L E D U C A T I O N I S I M P R O V I N G I N 2 0 1 7 MATTHEW MANN
  2. 2. With students heading back to school, it’s a great time to read the news as an educator. New developments in education and career options are usually rolled out at the start of the school year, as well as highlights from what’s working in the education sphere — and what isn’t. Below are three states that are changing the way education is being structured in West Virginia, New Jersey and Arkansas.
  3. 3. IN WEST VIRGINIA “ S E E I N G H O P E F O R F L A G G I N G E C O N O M Y , W E S T V I R G I N I A R E V A M P S V O C A T I O N A L T R A C K ” V I A T H E N E W Y O R K T I M E S
  4. 4. IntheheartoftheUnitedStates’rustbeltliesWest Virginia,astatetypicallyknownforitsbarrenmountain landscape,poverty-strickentownsandtheopioidcrisis. Asastatewithsuchabadreputation,whatareschools todowithitschildrenandthefutureoftheireconomy?
  5. 5. Enterfourhighschoolteacherswhoareabouttochange theeducationsphereforstudentsinWestVirginia.Over thesummer,theseteachersattendedasimulated- workplacesummertrainingprogramatMarshall Universitythatwillhelppavethewaytoasuccessful futureforstudents.What’sasimulated-workplace,you mayask?
  6. 6. Inthisformatofvocationalschooling,studentspunchin andoutofschool,likeatimeclockyouwouldseeina workplace.Inaddition,studentsareassigned professionalrolesinindustriescommonlyseeninWest Virginia,suchascoal,healthandfracking,andthey’re givenvacationdaystouseattheirleisure!
  7. 7. IN NEW JERSEY “ L A W M A K E R S C A L L F O R M A J O R E X P A N S I O N O F N . J . ’ S V O - T E C H S C H O O L S ” V I A N J . C O M
  8. 8. AccordingtosomevocationalschoolsinNewJersey, demandforenrollmentishighbutunfortunately,they havetoturnawaystudents.Inanefforttobringtheir technicalschoolsintothe21stcenturyandbeyond, schoolsareusingtheircashtomakeimprovementsto thecurriculum.
  9. 9. Althoughthissoundslikeitcouldbeanegativeissue,it’s probablybetterforthelongrun.Notonlydoesthestate wanttomakesurestudentsarefullyequippedwiththe skillstheyneed,buttheywanttotrainmorestudentsto workinmanufacturingandbio-tech—twofieldsthatare expectedtogrowinthefuture.
  10. 10. IN ARKANSAS “ A R K . S T U D E N T S G E T E A R L Y S T A R T O N C A R E E R P L A N N I N G ” V I A E D W E E K
  11. 11. Attheconclusionofthelastschoolyear,8thgrade studentsatWynneJuniorHighSchoolparticipatedina “jobshadow”day.Studentswerescatteredallovertown, shadowingveterinarians,doctors,farmers,police officersandmore.
  12. 12. Arkansasishopingthatgivingkidsthisopportunityearly willencouragethemtomakebetterandclearerdecisions abouttheirfuturecareerpath.Notonlydoschools organizejobshadowdays,butthestatehascollegeand careercoachesonhandtosomeoftheirmiddleandhigh schools.Thesecoachesworkwithstudentstocraft collegeandcareerplansthatwillempowerthemtomake moreinformeddecisionsabouttheirfuture.
  13. 13. Visit