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Inside the Vocational Food Industry


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Matthew Mann of Lancaster, Pennsylvania is currently the Director of Education at North American Trade Schools, a vocational school that specializes in industrial training across its three campuses in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

As a passionate, forward-thinking, strong voice for vocational education, Matthew Mann has always been fighting for the importance of vocational schools to keep our society running. With labor shortages in industries like construction, healthcare, commercial truck driving and more, Matthew has been encouraging potential job seekers and college students to consider a well-paying job in the technical and trades field.

With over a decade of experience in various education administration roles in Pennsylvania, Matthew Mann has continuously addressed the evolving workforce needs of the state. Although he started out in teaching, simply being in the classroom wasn’t enough for Matthew -- he wanted to make a greater difference. He shifted into the administrative side of vocational education with an approach built on two pillars: the desire to help people grow and an understanding of helping his community create a successful workforce.

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