Peoplefluent Compuware Gomez User group presentation


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This is the presentation from 1/19/2012 Compuware Users Group

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  • So who uses Peoplefluent solutions?
  • Like any customer we use the SCOE Screen Capture on Error
  • Peoplefluent Compuware Gomez User group presentation

    1. 1. Compuware Gomez User Group 1/19/2012
    2. 2. Who is Peoplefluent?Peopleclick + Authoria + Acquire = Peoplefluent • Human Resources Internet SaaS vendor • Multi-Tenant portals • Recruitment Management – Career Portals for candidates – Applicant tracking – Interview Scheduling – Onboarding • Vendor Management – Contingent staff placement and procurement – Hourly worker time entry and management • Talent Management – Performance review/appraisal process – Ongoing career management • Diversity and Affirmative Action – Compliance planning and reporting
    3. 3. Diverse Client BaseHigh-Tech Energy/Utilities Financial Food/CPGManufacturingHigh Tech Healthcare/Biotech Retail Other
    4. 4. Peoplefluent Global Footprint: Client Locations Iceland Sweden Finland Norway Estonia Lithuania Belarus United Kingdom Denmark Latvia Poland Russian Federation Ireland Germany Czech Rep Canada Slovakia Netherlands Belgium Austria Ukraine Luxembourg France Hungary Bulgaria Romania Kazakhstan Switzerland Slovenia Georgia Portugal Croatia Serbia and Montenegro United States Italy Greece Turkey Azerbaijan Spain China Japan Bermuda Gibraltar Malta Cyprus Lebanon Behrain Moracco Tunisia Israel Kuwait Qatar South Korea Jordan United Arab Emirates Mexico Algeria Egypt Pakistan Taiwan Domican Republic Saudi Arabia Belize Mali Oman Bangladesh Lao Hong Kong Puerto Rico Guatemala Honduras Burkina Faso Yemen El Salvador Trinidad and Tobago India Thailand Vietnam Philippines Costa Rica Senegal Nigeria Venezuela Ethiopia Guam Panama Sri Lanka Columbia Cote D’Ivoire Cameroon Malaysia Ecuador Kenya Singapore Indonesia Peru Brazil Boliva Zambia Paraquay Australia Chile South Africa Uruguay Argentina New Zeland
    5. 5. Who uses Peoplefluent Solutions?Customer Service Customer Scope Customer Community80% of the 5,000 6 millionsFortune 100 use organizations employees andPeoplefluent use Peoplefluent managers inSolutions Solutions 214 countries
    6. 6. Our Users• Business users and paying clients are not the only web traffic that we receive. – Applicants and Job seekers – Hourly workers entering time• Poor performance on our career sites would cause job applicants to abandon the site, similar to a shopping website losing sales.• If our systems are not operational and performing well, there are a lot of unhappy people. These people are not able to do their jobs, and we hear about it.• Performance is important not only to maintain Service Level Agreements to clients. We try to meet and exceed these around the world.
    7. 7. Compuware Products used• Gomez Synthetic monitoring since December 2008 – Backbone transactions – Last Mile – Private Peer• Toe-dip into additional products – Cross Browser testing – Remote Access – Website Capture• Dynatrace customer since around 2006 – Used in Production – Used in Staging and Performance test environments
    8. 8. How we monitor• Backbone synthetic monitoring tests for availability and performance reporting – Consistent and predictable results – Full Gomez functionality (reporting, annotations, etc.)• Private Peer tests for non-production products/environments – Internal machines checking uptime and providing alerts – Specific testing of client networks• Last mile testing for projects demonstrating performance uplift in a region/location – Used for comparison purposes only – Akamai China – South Africa comparison against client networks – CDN vendor comparison
    9. 9. Shows what server sent the error
    10. 10. Availability Reporting• Previous system reported availability solely on successful login submission – Measured from a node at the edge of our network – Host file entries were made for our products – Network failure events not captured – Login page unavailable meant the availability step did not get processed• Gomez takes the entire test availability, not just page or object level failures – Logout failures “count” as downtime – Divided up availability and performance into separate test scripts – Allows us to run the availability tests more frequently to reduce white spaces between tests – Performance tests run less frequently using less transactions
    11. 11. DNS Slowness and Availability issues
    12. 12. Private Peer to troubleshoot client networks• Before Gomez – Manual collection of data – Different methods, times, users, etc.• Installation issues – Private Peer instructions for labeling networks – Sporadic data reporting and errors in the logs – Language barriers – Gomez Help Desk - Lu Chen spoke Mandarin!• Client-side network issues – Some users showed good performance – Proxy and Gateway issues – Bandwidth and ISP issues – All supported by data from Gomez
    13. 13. Error Summary See spreadsheet
    14. 14. Average Response time for most systems 2-3 sec.
    15. 15. CDN vendor review• Is our CDN vendor worth it? – Compare origin traffic with CDN traffic – Compare vendors backbone test results • Akamai not told about comparison • CDN vendors held TCP connections open • Other vendors extended cache times – Compare last mile results using Batch Orders • Found similar results to Gomez test a few years back • Leading vendor was different than backbone tests • Why? – Compression on different file types – Byte size difference
    16. 16. Origin Comparison to CDN vendors
    17. 17. What did we do? Stayed with Akamai, changed last mile accelerations/compression settings. Synthetic transactions with Gomez showed us this was the best decision for performance and improved performance for candidates. In the end, Cotendo was purchased by Akamai.
    18. 18. Look at your data• Monthly data review (before the 33rd day of the month)• Synthetic tests show how certain changes affect performance• Single SQL script increased login times by half a second
    19. 19. Server Issues seen by Gomez• Average response time comes under our SLA• This banding effect when one server behaving poorly, while others fine
    20. 20. What is our plan going forward?• Gomez Real User Monitoring – Implement via iRules – Thick Client Applications – ASP-type solutions – Per-Client Reporting• Gomez tie-in with Dynatrace• Mobile applications• Cloud initiative (
    21. 21. Questions?Matthew LeggettSr. Systems Engineer –