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A brief overview of East Grand Rapids CoachMeFit and Assist. Manager Matthew Kirk Ladiski.

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Coach Me Fit Matthew Slide

  1. 1. Personal Training Perfected. 2166 Wealthy Street SE . Grand Rapids, MI 49506 . 616.356.2030 When you just don’t, won’t, or can’t do it on your own.
  2. 2. A workout program that works You can be a “member” at dozens of gyms, but at CoachMeFit you’re a client. Unlike a typical fitness center where hundreds of people work out any time of day, CoachMeFit provides personalized training in a semi-private setting. Our clients represent all ages, levels of fitness and a variety of physical limitations. Young athletes who want to improve their game, the mother-of-the-bride who wants to drop a dress size, as well as ninety-year-olds who want to improve their mobility find that CoachMeFit helps them reach their goals effectively because the training is specific to their needs. Walk into any CoachMeFit and you can see why it can change people’s lives. It’s the welcoming environment, the positive energy, the way trainers and clients interact. Our focus is on delivering customized personal training to clients of all ages and levels of fitness.
  3. 3. CoachMeFit studios are well-equipped, comfortable, impeccably clean and include locker rooms and showers. We play music or have the TV on at the clients request. All CoachMeFit locations have cardio and weight machines and free weights. We use different types of equipment and the latest techniques to help clients overcome injuries or limitations, to keep workouts varied, and to have fun.
  4. 4. Personal training: individual, one-on-one, in depth personal training based on results. Nutritional counseling: dietary evaluations, nutrition for special needs, meal planning, and information on healthy food options. Healthy lifestyle coaching: a plan of action and accountability to help you achieve defined fitness goals. Includes personal training, nutritional counseling, and regular monitoring of your exercise and nutrition plan. Experienced Certified Instructors: All CoachMeFit trainers are certified by one of the nation’s top health and fitness organizations. Many have degrees in fitness-related fields: movement science, nutrition and physiology. They know how to create workouts that are safe, effective, and challenging for any body type. In the course of your training, you will learn proper form and how to use a variety of equipment, which empowers you to work out correctly, even when you are on your own.
  5. 5. Matthew Ladiski Certifications: -National Academy of Sports Medicine-CPT -National Council on Strength And fitness-CPT -Blue Heron Academy-CPT -24hr Fitness-CPT -Apex Nutrition Certification -BodyBugg Certified East Grand Rapids Head Trainer: Professional athletes train for years to perfect their technique, so do the trainers. Matthew Ladiski in Grand Rapids CoachMeFit has years of personal training experience under his belt. This understanding of personal training allowed his art to become a science, taking over 700 pounds off of his client base. Training background: -Special needs populations -Corrective exercise -Performance enhancement
  6. 6. Before coming to CoachMeFit, many of our clients struggled to stick with any fitness program. They’ve found that signing up and showing up dramatically changes this pattern. They are now being held accountable and have there daily fitness routine because in the end, its not really fitness, its life. Your trainer is your coach, your cheerleader, and your friend. The atmosphere is fun and energizing. Expect to work hard and to leave feeling accomplished and less stressed.
  7. 7. 2166 Wealthy Street SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506 [email_address] p 616.356.2030 Matthew Ladiski [email_address] c 616.788.0060 Your fitness success story begins here .