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  1. 1. Our media evaluation Lizz parry Matthew Johns Matthew Earl
  2. 2. How does your media represent particular social groups All media products represent a particular group of some sort. Our horror opening represents teenagers. We were told that our horror film had to appeal to a teen audience as the certificate is 15, we also did some background research looking into different horror openings. The trend we noticed throughout the majority of films was that there were mainly female victims, this is most probably because females tend to seem more vulnerable than males. The one film in particular that stood out of our group was “the curse of Lizzie Borden”. This film has the typical ideas of the genre, with the teenage girl as the victim. We took a character from our own opening and compared them to the character in this film. There are many similarities to these characters however many differences too as we tried to make our film more unique
  3. 3. What kind of company might distribute your film and why AS a group we discussed what kind of media institution may want to distribute our media product. We feel as though going with a company that specializes in the horror genre. Twisted pictures does exactly that and has a reasonable budget for doing so. Twisted pictures is most famous for creating horror productions they especially gained wide attention through the film saw Distributing with this company gives the advantage of using cgi and expensive upgraded technology. Things that can give the film a better quality making more people want to watch it. Most films done by this institution have been successful such as these However if this film was not a success then the institution would make no profit and having a higher or lower budget wouldn't have made a difference . As well as Twisted Pictures our film could be distributed by warp films as they have produced many low budget yet successful films such as “four lions” and “this is England”. Although this institution do not produce films within the horror genre if this film was to be the first film of that genre proced by them it may stand out to the other media products they have distributed.
  4. 5. How did you attract your audience? Before we started to make our film we thoroughly researched the genre by watching existing horror films, 2 of the films we watched were “jeepers creepers” and “dead wood”, the reason that we chose to watch these films is that both of them have the same certificate as our we will be, this certificate is 15, and therefore these films have a large relevance to the teenage market at which we are aiming. We then incorporated themes and ideas into our film so we could make it appropriate for our target audience, within our film we used facebook, facebook is a social networking site that allows people to contact each other, we included it because its primary users are teenagers and therefore this relates well to them.
  5. 6. What have we learnt about technologies from the process of making our film <ul><li>In the course of making our teen horror we used many new pieces of technology, equipment and software. One of the most important pieces of equipment we used was the camera </li></ul>We also used the tripod in conjunction with the camera so that we could get steady footage and not lose any marks for this After we uploaded the footage into I movies we then exported the footage as a QuickTime movie Which enabled us to edit it in final cut The most difficult part of exporting our film was remembering to export it in dv-pal so we could keep the high quality of the footage. Final cut was the hardest part of creating our film and it took the most time as it is a complicated piece of software, to get the sound for our movie we used a website called freesound, in order to get a sound track to play in the back ground to our film we used a piece of software called garage band which enables you to create a musical score by mixing together different instruments and different ways of playing them, for our group this was not difficult as two members of our group are music students and have used it before. In order to get our movie onto a DVD we had to export it again from final cut in DV-PAL into idvd which allowed us to burn the movie onto a dvd and add the start menu. We kept a blog of everything that we were doing using blogspot, which is a subsidiary of the large internet company google, on this blog we kept a record of everything we had done relating to our coursework, we also put our finished film on it and PowerPoint's we had created relating to the horror genre using a website which enables you to embed powerpoints into blogs, called slideshar
  6. 7. In what ways does your film opening use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real film openings?
  7. 10. Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learned <ul><li>The main think that we have learned is how to use the new technology that we have used such as the camera and final cut, which we did not know how to use at all before this piece of work. This is extremely visible in the fact that our footage from the preliminary task is not of as high quality as the finished piece, the editing in our preliminary task is also cruder and simply uses jump cuts as we did not know how to use transitions or filters at that stage, </li></ul><ul><li>Apart from the technology we have also learnt the conventions that are used within a horror film, the main reason we learnt this was so that we could use these conventions within our own film. To find out these conventions we simply watched horror films with a similar certificate. </li></ul>