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Witnessing is Love


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The slides used to accompany the message delivered by Pastor Matthew Huish at the FFWPU Bromley Community worship service on Sunday 29th October 2017.

Published in: Spiritual
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Witnessing is Love

  1. 1. Ours is a world of infinite potential for development. But when people live only for themselves, not knowing how to respect the people and things in their environment, they encounter a limit. The way to break through that limit is to first establish God as the centre of our life and as our guide. Then we will be able to rise above the level where we are limited, and enter the world of infinite development. Otherwise, we will not be able to go beyond that limitation…
  2. 2. …Sometimes it seems that everything has reached its limit. With what are we going to live? It is with love. With love, we can create our own environment. If we do not love so as to create our own foundation in the environment, we will not find a place to settle. It is the path of self-destruction. It does not generate any energy. People in the surrounding environment will not like us, and we will have no energy to do anything about it…
  3. 3. …Hence, the people in our environment will gradually withdraw and become distant. Even those who used to like us will come to dislike us. They should like us more, but they will find nothing to like about us. This will be because we have set up a self- centred boundary line. People who say, 'I am going to put myself first,' who live on a self-centred level, cannot go over that hill and settle…
  4. 4. …They are unable to enter a space of mutuality in which they can make relationships and be welcomed by the universe. People are created to live in relationships, but when they are not aligned with the Principle they will come to nothing. I live with this philosophy of life. .. Cham Bu Mo Gyeong 13.3.1:6
  5. 5. Witnessing means inducing people to leave the satanic world with a smile and follow the heavenly path. It is guiding them to the Kingdom of Heaven. You cannot force people to come; people are spiritual beings… Give your utmost love to them and cry with painful heart in order to raise them one by one and persuade them to follow the path of God’s providence. .. Father Moon, 8th November 1971