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How can I control my criticising?


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The slides used during the worship service in the Bromley community on 20th January 2013.

Published in: Spiritual
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How can I control my criticising?

  1. 1. Easily seen are others faults, hard indeed tosee are ones own. Like chaff one winnowsothers faults, but ones own one hides, as acrafty fowler conceals himself by camouflage.He who sees others faults is ever irritable -his corruptions grow. He is far from thedestruction of the corruptions. Dhammapada 252-53
  2. 2. Its easy to criticise others, but weoften dont understand them wellenough. We should try to understandothers circumstances beforecriticising them. Father Moon, 25th August 1984
  3. 3. Do not judge your fellow untilyou have stood in his place. Mishnah, Abot 2:5
  4. 4. Compassionatecriticismcancarefullyconstruct