SourceLink presents - 10 Trends to Define Marketing in 2014


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Ten interviews with ten industry experts to predict the trends we will see in marketing for 2014.

Great chats with content marketing experts and technophiles alike, who paint a picture of what the marketing landscape holds. Features with Anne Handley of Marketing Profs, Ginger Conlon of Direct Marketing News, author David Burstein, and many more experts.

What technology will impact marketing? How can content shape your business? How will augmented reality and near field communications be game changers? All of these questions are answered in this series.

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SourceLink presents - 10 Trends to Define Marketing in 2014

  1. 1. Advancements + Achievements 10 Trends to Define Marketing in 2014
  2. 2. 10 Trends to Define Marketing in 2014 – 10 Experts weigh in As we approach 2014, SourceLink rolled out our “Ten Trends to Define Marketing” series again, with a twist. This year, we sat down with ten industry experts and asked them what trends they anticipate in 2014 and the years to come. Contained are the ten trends and the experts we interviewed, with a high-level description of the conversation. Click the link in green to read the full article ‹#›
  3. 3. Ginger Conlon, Editor-inChief, Direct Marketing News The Virtuous Cycle of Customer Centricity • Consumers will wield the power to dictate how they are marketed to • Marketers are tasked with creating content that is driven by consumer preference • Customer behaviors lead to sophisticated micro-marketing campaigns • Marketers must model content creation on how content is being utilized. ‹#›
  4. 4. Judith Hemmel, Vice President, Customer Intelligence, SourceLink Moving From Creepy to Credible • Extreme importance of mobile marketing • Consumers now have the ultimate choice of whether to engage with a brand • “An environment of permission” • Move from push to pull marketing • Messaging must move from “Creepy to Credible.” ‹#›
  5. 5. Skip Henk, President and CEO, Xplor International Sitting on the Sidelines or Taking the Leap of Faith • Human behavior is the true game changer • Tremendous value in how customers allocate their time to take in new information • Augmented Reality leads to a print revival • Marketers will fall into two categories- those taking the technology leap of faith and those sitting on the sidelines waiting for more proof ‹#›
  6. 6. Bryan Yeager, Financial Services and Mobile payments Analysis, eMarketer Social Media and Mobile Craft a Path to Purchase • Mobile penetration reached a tipping point in 2013 • Past trends converge because of the smartphone’s ability to enhance the customer experience • Marketers using social media up until now have merely been laying the groundwork for the real opportunities for engagement and conversion. • Wearable technologies bring flashy new avenues to truly connect with customers ‹#›
  7. 7. Roehl Sanchez, VP and Chief Creative Officer, BIMM Direct & Digital Data Drives The Creative Process, and the Modular Builder Emerges • Data begins to drive creative decisions • Entering an age of real time marketing • Marketers must familiarize themselves with microcampaigns • Start thinking mobile first • The creative professional must start to be a “modular builder,” and embrace a shift toward strong creative rooted as much in functionality as in design ‹#›
  8. 8. Rich Brown, VP and Chief Technology Officer, SourceLink SOLOMO and the Evolution of Location Based Engagement • Social plus location plus mobile (SOLOMO) will be a gamechanger • Marketers truly perfect geofencing technologies and make actionable use out of location data using offer-based engines • Data use concerns and privacy legislation gain lots of attention • Marketers start to effectively link return on investment between offline transactions and social engagement ‹#›
  9. 9. John Foley, President/CMO interlinkONE and CMO, GrowSocially The Amazing Powers of Personalization • • • • • BIG advancements in mobile technology In-store personalization and other amazing interactions Companies evolve into more social businesses in 2014 More marketing content distributed than ever before Personalization sees a surge in the depth and relevancy, paralleling advancements in marketing automation ‹#›
  10. 10. Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs Organizing your Company Around Content and the Emergence of Short-form Media • Marketers allocate resources to dedicated content marketing personnel • Wider adoption and need to understand shortform content • Social media engagement leads to emotional connection and a better brand experience • Print remains a crucial part of marketing spend, and continues to claim significant portion of marketing budget ‹#›
  11. 11. Cindy Randazzo, Vice President, Strategy & Insight, SourceLink A World Where IT and Marketing make each other Stronger and Multisource Attribution in an Omnichannel world • 2014 brings the realization that IT and Marketing cannot be siloed • The “right and left brain” come together as marketing enhances IT, and vice versa • Big Data becomes relevant for all industries, as it is mined for interests, and used for multiple forms of variable advertising • Consumers start to ask the question “How is it possible that you don’t know who I am?” ‹#›
  12. 12. David Burstein, Fast Company contributor and author, “Fast Future: How Millennials and Shaping our World” The Marketer’s Role to the Millennial • Companies must make consistent strides towards social responsibility and innovation • “Millennials” (those born from 1980 to the early 2000s) have become the most messaged-to generation ever, and marketers embrace emerging technologies and develop new means to stand out. • Deep customization stands as central to the communications experience between marketers and Millennials. ‹#›
  13. 13. For a more detailed breakdown of all of these topics stop by 10 Trends to Define Marketing in 2014 1.866.947.6872