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ACx-Onesheet (1)

  1. 1. advisor content Content Multiplier Services for Financial Professionals Struggling to attract and influence your ideal clients online? Feeling the pressure to create authentic, diverse content and share it on social media, but can’t find the time? We’ve built a solution for financial advisors just like you. We help you develop your own content and become prolific online financial influencers in only 2 hours/month. WE PRODUCE YOUR ADVISOR PODCAST We launch, produce and market your professional financial podcast – recorded right from your office. WE MULTIPLY YOUR CONTENT 40-FOLD We turn your audio podcasts into 40+ pieces of varied content: articles, posts, shareable video clips and quote memes. WE SHARE YOUR CONTENT FEVERISHLY We create social media posts and share 5-10 posts/day. We also promote your podcast via a monthly email newsletter. Schedule your free podcast session now. It’s a fantastic, risk-free opportunity to see how fun, easy and effective podcasts can be for your financial practice. There’s a financial podcaster in you. We’ll bring it out. Then we’ll tell the world. Attract More Ideal Clients We’ve built a formula to solve your content marketing problem. You focus on what you do best, we do the rest.
  2. 2. PODCASTING Podcasting Best Practices Audio Equipment Purchased/Shipped Podcast Expectations Meeting w Matt Podcaster Assessment Interview Financial Advisor Interview Podcast (free) Podcast Site/Channel Set Up iTunes Set Up Audio Intro/Outro Creation Podcast Naming & Graphics 2 Podcasts per month Podcast Posting to Your Podcast Site SET UP $1,595 MONTHLY $995 until January 1, 2017 lock in at $995 per month for 12 months SHARING Social Profile Analysis & Enhancement Social Update Text Prepared Content Submission for Approval Social Posting Set for 5-10x per weekday Email List Building via Social Connections PRO PACKAGE Everything in the Podcasting Service Everything in the Content Multiplication Service Everything in the Sharing Service CONTENT MULTIPLICATION We Turn 2 Podcasts into: 2 Blog Posts 10 Audio Clips from Your Podcast 10 Video Clips from Your Podcast 15-20 Quotes Memes Designed Content Submission for Approval Podcast Editing & Producing Podcast Posting to Your Podcast Channel Posting/Optimizing Video on YouTube Contact Matt Johnson 402.881.6339 advisor content