Evaluation question 4 technology


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Evaluation question 4 technology

  1. 1. EvaluationQuestion 4-Technology
  2. 2. How did you use media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning and evaluationstages? The technology I used in completing my coursework was mostly software based with the exception of a camera.I was producing a local newspaper so a video camera, tripod, software related to film making e.g editing, tweaking etc.
  3. 3. Technologies PowerPoint For my research and planning there were a range of technologies I used. For instance PowerPoint was an effective technology at presenting my work. I can include a lot of information on each slide, so there is no limitation. Even though PowerPoint does well at presenting information people can easily produce essay like work. So its good to use images and good designs templates.
  4. 4. Technologies Publisher Publisher was the main software I used in my media coursework, it has many features suitable for making my main product and ancillary tasks. My front page, inside page and advert were created using Publisher. To make my products I simply drew text boxes for my info, inserted the images I needed. I moved them around and positioned them according to my layout plans. It’s very simple to use, my products were created with quick succession when using publisher.
  5. 5. Technologies- Popplet I frequently used popplet in my coursework. It basically enables you to produce a clear and visual spider diagram. It gives a clear presentation of my work. Things can be easily structured, for instance a popple can be created branching of from the main box, and so on. There are different colours you can use adding appeal. Work I completed using popplet includes ancillary task 2, audience profile etc.
  6. 6. Technologies- Survey Monkey Survey monkey was used to create the questionnaires for my audience research. Its very user friendly and has many options for you to customize for your questionnaire. Publishing my questionnaire was simply and easy to do as well. It allows you to create questionnaire of any size with different responses types e.g. multiple tick boxes.
  7. 7. Technologies- Blogger Blogger was a key technology for my coursework. Its where I posted all my work in order for it to be marked and examined. Mostly anything can be posted, videos, images, links etc. Its very simply to use. For example when posting my front page from publisher, I just save It as an image and click the ‘insert image button’. It instantly pops up and is ready to post.
  8. 8. Technologies- Wix I used Wix to build my ancillary task, local newspaper website pages. The great thing about Wix is that you don’t need to know how to code, you can just easily set up your website by placing text boxes, images, links etc. For example on the first page I created, I placed the masthead at the top of the page, images positioned below it with text etc. I found it simple and easy to use, at times there were a few issues like things disappearing but overall it was good.
  9. 9. Technologies- Microsoft Word It may not be the best use of technology for presentation but Microsoft Word was key for my coursework. The majority of what I wrote was completed using Word. For instance my draft texts, audience research summary etc. Its good for doing spider diagrams, inserting pics or just plain writing. It helped a lot in my evaluation too. I first typed my ideas on word then transferred them to a different format for better presentation.