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  1. 1. Managing Partners’ Representative Accomplishments Restructurings • Restructuring of family office operation. Did an assessment of operations and Identified various low performing assets, which were sold, and redeployed capital using a new clear investment strategy. Restructured investments into clear investment vehicles with strategic investment focus. A new proprietary investment strategy was developed as well for the group. The results were to substantially reduce investment costs and increase returns on investment (IRR) from below S&P annual returns to IRR in excess of 25%. • Restructuring of an Ice Cream products company located in Mexico. Redesigned business model, Operations, and Sales and Marketing strategy. Deployment of new strategy resulted in growth from USD$30m to USD$140m over a two year period. • Restructuring of a multinational operation made up of several separate business divisions located in Oceania region. Restructured and turned around Chilled Dairy products, frozen food and ice cream products operating units. As part of process, developed a marketing strategy and Growth Agenda, which made access to an organic growth strategy as well as an M&A strategy to add product, operational assets and customer relationships. Deployment of strategy resulted in a revenue increase of approximately 50% (A$2 billion to A$3 billion). • Developed and lead an international business plan, marketing strategy and Growth Agenda, including development and execution of a high level M&A program. This was a Restructuring Strategy for global product category which was focused on revenue growth, increased market share and substantial enhancement of profitability. Deployment of strategy resulted in increased revenue by approximately 75%, market share by approximately 90% and increased profitability by 60% over a five year period. • Computer Products Trade Conduit Restructuring. A foreign computer components manufacturer required a restructuring of its sale and delivery operations which serviced a major United States OEM computer manufacturer. Process included redesign of process to substantially reduce international tax structure (including Section 882 tax exposure) and to substantially increase net profitability of overall enterprise. This restructuring strategy resulted in a 30% increase in the net profits from sales made to United States customer. Strategy was peer reviewed by Big 4 accounting firm. The yearly product sales through this trade conduit was in excess of $1 Billion annually. Reorganizations • Reorganization of Multi-National agricultural product growing operation. Developed and refined a strategy to attract new investors into the operation and to resolve senior and mezzanine debt covenant violations. Reorganization plan ultimately attracted private equity investors to company. The senior and mezzanine debt was relieved and the organization ultimately did not have to resort to seeking bankruptcy protection. • Reorganization and Recapitalization of international manufacturer and sales company of various professional and home goods tools and products. Manufacturing and product development operations were located in China, India, Armenia, and United States. Sales Operations located in United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Organization suffered from significant Anti-Dumping Duty and Tax liabilities for a multiyear period. Operation had
  2. 2. significant debt financing for inventory and operations, including significant guaranty liability to shareholders. Section 708 Reorganization process resulted in securing additional financing for operations, relieving shareholders of $12m in recourse debt obligations and personal exposure to more than $10m in tax liabilities, and a new private equity investor was successfully obtained. Organization had yearly sales of more than $64 million. • Flagstaff Equity Investors, LP 26 USC § 708 Reorganization. This was a $72 million Real Estate capital, asset and corporate entity reorganization to allow enterprise access to sophisticated debt and equity structures. Reorganization was completed on a Tax Neutral basis without any negative tax consequences to the equity holders. The process resulted in the buyout of a shareholder and securing of long term debt financing. • In Re Oredugba, Chapter 11, Case No. SV02-12229GM. December 9, 2003, Confirmed and completed a Reorganization of a Nephrology Healthcare operation which held a variety of assets, including patient care, ownership of a specialty healthcare facility and ownership of a dialysis center operation. Reorganization included sale of assets and 100% discharge of more than $1million in tax liabilities. • In Re Ehrlich-Schultheis Partnership, Chapter 11, Case No. 94-15956-VPZ May 17, 1995, Confirmed Real Estate Reorganization Plan. Plan resulted in liquidation of 88 problematic real estate assets. Was able to negotiate and complete a consensual reorganization plan with both lenders and equity holders. Strategy Development • Developed a Business Plan and Business Model for a new international food products company (ice cream products). Developed and launched company with a full product line and marketing strategy, with a long term business plan including market expansion to several countries. The Business Plan and Business Model was appropriate to successfully attract international investors to the company. Both inventory and equipment financing from institutional providers has been secured based on both the Business Plan and capital structure. Company is presently servicing approximately 3,000 retail locations. A significant growth agenda has been embarked upon, with the planned expansion of sales to 17,000 retail locations in Mexico. • Developed a Business Plan and Business Model for a new start up nutritional food manufacturer located in South America, which is competing with both International and domestic manufacturers. Over the last three years the company has obtained EBITDA of more than 10%. Deployment of the Business Plan has now positioned the Company for entry of its products for sale into certain North American markets.