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PACE Scheduler presentation Police rev3


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We help police departments transition from headaches in Excel and Google Docs to simplified scheduling with a variety of features.

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PACE Scheduler presentation Police rev3

  1. 1. PACE SCHEDULER Scheduling, Simplified.
  2. 2. Enter your employee’s information from the user-friendly administrator interface.
  3. 3. Create different Job Types to manage schedules for multiple departments.
  4. 4. Assign employees to single or multiple Job Types.
  5. 5. Easily drag and drop employee names to create a seniority order.
  6. 6. Use the Customizable Grid View to match your current scheduling format!
  7. 7. Create Customizable Shift Rotations as Needed
  8. 8. Add staff to the schedule using the custom shift rotations you’ve created.
  9. 9. Enter permanent shifts with ease through our simple interface.
  10. 10. Use the Grid View Menu to enter in time off and Daily activity.
  11. 11. Users can easily request time off and holdovers then wait for admin approval process.
  12. 12. Allow users to request holdovers and shift covers.
  13. 13. Trade or cover shifts with anyone in your department by simply clicking their name, and submitting the request to the scheduler.
  14. 14. Employees can request to have a co-worker cover a shift by releasing it to the specific person covering for them.
  15. 15. When a shift trade request is submitted, the administrator receives a message. This gives the schedule manager the option to accept or reject the trade request.
  16. 16. When a shift is claimed, the administrator receives a message. This gives the schedule manager the option to accept or reject the shift claim.
  17. 17. See timestamps for all approvals and rejections along with name of approver/rejector.
  18. 18. Get a quick snapshot of who is working today or any other day.
  19. 19. Use the Messaging Center to send customizable email and/or text messages on the fly or through a saved template.
  20. 20. Use the handy Reporting feature to get a snapshot of each employee’s time throughout a given date range.
  21. 21. Use the robust reporting to generate a Time Off Report for a specified date range.