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  • How twitter works.Prerequisites: Get the basics of Twitter (@, #, follow/following) Think it’s useless, stupid or not worth checking regularly Work for a vendor of storage technology I built this, but please don’t sue me for finding the pictures on the internet. I’d be glad to remove them if need be.
  • Twitter has one of the most robust search engineers and operators available. Just like in real life, it’s better to start by listening, not by talking. Follow people you know, search for words you care about and just take the pulse for a little while. You can make each search into a list given the appropriate application.
  • It’s through Sharing that you build relationships.. And that’s what the platform is best as for us – building relationships.
  • Ok… now lets talk about what you DON’T do to start.
  • Queue field of dreams moment. If you tweet it, no one will come. You have to go to them, which is why we start by listening.
  • Don’t do the vendor FUD – fear uncertainty and doubt – that many use to manipulate an idea. Speak about technology, people, places and passions. Read more:
  • Before the How, we need to answer the Why at all…
  • You have to be a full person. A marketer, technologist, engineer, whatever, but also a mother or father, parent or pet enthusiast, foodie or freestyle emcee. Just be it all, not just a little piece of it. It builds authenticity.. The most important currency you can have online.
  • Those are my feet one morning when I left too early for work. I had some of the most powerful, fun responses from just taking a second to not take myself too seriously.
  • Nothing is better than a moment when a follower congratulates you on a promotion, big event or just a happy birthday. Remember to share successes.
  • You will be insulted. Don’t let it get you into a twitter war. It’s about as mature as breaking up over text message.
  • MrsIsobel Crawley: "What should we call each other?" The Dowager countess: Well, we could always start with Mrs Crawley and Lady Grantham.”Respect the fact that even though this medium is more casual, it doesn’t mean your online friends are automatically your new best buddies. Stay respectful, appropriate (within acceptable reason) and always thankful. Say THANK YOU as often as deserved.
  • No time. Automate.Use these to make your life easier.
  • My personal favorites.
  • Social influence

    1. 1. Social InfluenceTwitter 101 @mjbrender
    2. 2. WHY RAMP? #1:fasdfadfasdf &
    3. 3. #2:SHAREBut what do I say?
    4. 4. What we (EMC Social Media) doWhat we (the tweeters in the room) doWhat you can do
    5. 5. &
    6. 6. Why TwitterA Business Summary Slide Builds authentic relationships Significant market reach Measurable engagement Individual recognition Curated, cutting-edge news stream
    7. 7. ReferencesApply Liberally Automation Tools Best Twitter Apps Favorite ‘Save for later’ App Interesting ‘Stay informed’ App