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Five Guys Digital Marketing


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For this project in school he goal was to create a digital marketing campaign for a company.

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Five Guys Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Five Guys Digital Marketing Strategy Jason Geier, Michael Averbeck, Matthew Barker, Sarah Comunale, Callie Peters, Ni Ye, Kevin Spencer
  2. 2. Five Guys History – 1986: The first Five Guys location opens in Arlington, VA. – 1986 - 2001: Five Guys opens five locations around the DC metro-area and perfected their business of making burgers... and starts to build a cult- like following. – 2002: Five Guys decides DC metro-area residents shouldn't be the only ones to experience their burgers and start to franchise in Virginia and Maryland. – 2003: Five Guys sells out of franchise territory within 18 months and starts to open the rest of the country for franchise rights. – 2003 - Present: Five Guys expands to over 1,000 locations in 47 states and 6 Canadian provinces.
  3. 3. Five Guys Random Facts • There are over 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys • Use only fresh ground beef. • There are no freezers in Five Guys locations, just coolers. Nothing is ever frozen. • Use only Peanut oil. • The company is the fastest-growing fast food chain in the United States, with a 32.8% sales increase from 2010 to 2011
  4. 4. Demographics • Gender – Male: 75% – Female: 25% • Age – 18-39 • Income – $35,000 or greater
  5. 5. Current Marketing • Word of Mouth – Let the food do the talking • Spend minimal amount of money on marketing
  6. 6. Website
  7. 7. Facebook
  8. 8. Twitter
  9. 9. Fast Casual Restaurants • Distinguishable • Clustering ● Fast growing segment
  10. 10. The Future of Fast Casuals • Sales forecasted to show an increase of 10.5% in 2013 • 9% of consumers have increased the number of times they visit fast casual restaurants compared to 2012 • 26.7% growth predicted from 2013-2018
  11. 11. Fast Casual Marketing • National TV ad campaigns ineffective • Use social media to access millennials
  12. 12. Fast Casual Marketing Techniques • Out-of home advertisements • Sweepstakes/contests • Retail items • Social media interaction • Sponsorships • Cause and charitable programs • Local community involvement • Freebies to stimulate trial use • Coupons and loyalty programs instead of discount pricing
  13. 13. Fast Casual Marketing • BOGO, printed coupons, and daily specials encourage visits to fast casuals
  14. 14. Chipotle: Visual Marketing • Does not focus on menu items or discounts • Focuses on supporting farmers and fresh food • TV ad campaign in 2011 • Summer 2013 follow up • Scarecrow game
  15. 15. Chipotle: Social Media Marketing • Adventurrito – 20 day promotion of daily puzzles – Social media also used to give hints
  16. 16. Chipotle: Loyalty Program • Invitation only • 5,000 members as of Aug 2012 who receive benefits • Program will eventually be open to all
  17. 17. Noodles and Company: Out of Home Marketing • “Your World Kitchen” campaign in April 2013
  18. 18. Noodles and Company: Out of Home Marketing/Social Media • Fresh Vegetables Masterpieces photo contest on Facebook in April 2013 (#NoodlesSpring)
  19. 19. Smashburger: Freebies • • Gave away a free Classic Smash to anyone with the last name “Burger” or variation thereof to celebrate National Burger Day on May 28, 2013
  20. 20. #OneOfTheGuys • Twitter Campaign to bolster twitter community involvement – Twitter is the best channel to keep with Five Guys’ “secret marketing” strategy already established. – Will hopefully gain “verified” status by reaching 100k followers.
  21. 21. • 1-2 times a week, Five Guys will announce a phrase • Repeated to cashier in-store to receive discount/benefit • Interactive way to gain involvement from audience while using Twitter as the medium to draw people into the store. • “Exclusive” feel, consumer feels special. #OneOfTheGuys
  22. 22. #OneOfTheGuys” Example Posts Secret Word: Peanut Oil “Everyone loves our fries. Say “peanut oil” to the cashier to receive a free LARGE upgrade today only! #OneOfTheGuys”
  23. 23. Secret Word: Presidential Burger “Every customer gets special treatment at Five Guys. Say “Presidential Burger” to the cashier & get 15% off the presidential burger today! #OneOfTheGuys” #OneOfTheGuys” Example Posts
  24. 24. Secret Word: “Variety is the slice of life!” “Say ‘variety is the spice of life’ to the cashier today to get a free extra patty on your Five Guys burger! #OneOfTheGuys” #OneOfTheGuys” Example Posts
  25. 25. Secret Word: Cheese Fries “Say ‘cheese fries’ to the cashier to make your regular order of fries into (secret menu) cheese fries for free! #OneOfTheGuys” #OneOfTheGuys” Example Posts
  26. 26. Secret Word: “I’m A Fanatic!” “It pays to show Five Guys how much you care! Say ‘I’m a fanatic’ to the cashier to get a free fountain drink today! #OneOfTheGuys” #OneOfTheGuys” Example Posts
  27. 27. Secret Word: Cajun Style “Some like it hot! Say ‘Cajun Style’ to the cashier to get 15% off your order today! #OneOfTheGuys” #OneOfTheGuys” Example Posts
  28. 28. Key Benefits: ● Increased involvement with twitter community. ● Increased in-store foot traffic. ● Increased knowledge of Five Guys with introduction of “secret menu” items and info about the company. ● Relatively low-cost per incentive per consumer. #OneOfTheGuys”
  29. 29. Digital Benefits: ● Incorporation of Twitter feed in the app will get more people to use the app. ● Increase in followers will eventually lead to “verified” account, giving people more trust in the company. ● Incentivized participation/reaction to tweets. #OneOfTheGuys”
  30. 30. Creative Side of Marketing In order to have a digital presence, Five Guys will have to update their digital look and upkeep their digital presence. Two things are necessary for this: ● Employing a graphic designer ● Hiring an employee to run the social presence for the company
  31. 31. Creative Side of Marketing With a graphic designer/digital on payroll, Five Guys will now have: ● A uniform look to their Facebook/Twitter once a template and layout is created for each. ● Pre-made templates for Facebook/Twitter blast regarding our campaigns ● A professionally designed logo for #OneOfTheGuys to go on contest t-shirts
  32. 32. Creative Side of Marketing With an employee to run their social media sites on payroll, Five Guys will now have: ● Someone to regulate what is posted on Facebook/Twitter ● A uniform feel to all of their social media sites ● Constant posting to keep the Facebook/Twitter relevant on on customers Feeds
  33. 33. Twitter Prizes How to enter • Tweet that day’s secret word with the hashtag #OneOfTheGuys • Need your location enabled on your tweet.
  34. 34. Prize Levels Regional • Shirts/merchandise • Visa Gift Cards Grand Prize • Trip to the Super Bowl
  35. 35. New Design for App • New login page • Connect with other accounts
  36. 36. New Design for App • Message notice • Edit groups
  37. 37. New Design for App • Login everyday process • Get prize with Day 15/30
  38. 38. New Design for App • Consumers design own burgers • Edit the name of their collection
  39. 39. New Design for App • Order-online page redesign • Add more option
  40. 40. New Design for App • New information for new stores
  41. 41. New Design for App • See others snapshot • Share yours
  42. 42. New Design for App • Directly see news on apps • Delete option
  43. 43. New Design for App • Same as FB groups • Delete option • Share yours
  44. 44. New Design for App • Only can see five guys members login account • Secret words page
  45. 45. New Design for App • Sliding with your fingers • Special meal on Holiday • Have to go to store to get secret words
  46. 46. New Design for App • A winner everyday • Shake phone to see winner • Expire everyday
  47. 47. New Design for App • Secret word page • Once a week • Tweet it
  48. 48. Budget Obtained for Campaign • Stores average about $350,000 in sales per year • 1000 stores nationwide = $350 million annually • 2% - 5% spent on the promotion • Budget: $7 - $17.5 million
  49. 49. Discount Costs • Store average $350,000 per year • $29,000 in monthly sales • 15% increase in sales from promotion • New monthly sales: $33,000 • 10% in freebies = $3330 per month/$10,000 for 3 mos • 1000 stores = $10 million in discounts
  50. 50. Prize Costs • $1000 Visa gift cards to 10 winners in each of 4 regions in each of 3 months. • $1000 x 10 x 4 x 3 = $120,000 in monthly winners • Grand Prize = $40,000 (super bowl tickets plus expenses)
  51. 51. Annual Sales Increase • 15% increase in monthly sales = $4500 • $4500 x 3 months x 1000 stores = $13.5 million
  52. 52. Total Campaign Costs • $10 million in discounts – $160,000 in prizes – $100,000 App redesign – $100,000 Marketing creative • $10.36 million in expenses • 3% of annual sales
  53. 53. Gains from Campaign • $13.5 million increase in sales • $10.36 million in expenses • $3.14 million revenue gain