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How to Hack Your Way to New Customers #GHT15


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My talk from the Growth Hack Talks conference in Dublin on 24/09/2015. The deck gives some actionable advice on how to earn more customers; more specifically I give 3 'hacks' that can be implemented straight away.

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How to Hack Your Way to New Customers #GHT15

  1. How to Hack Your Way to New Customers Growth Hack Talks // 24th September 2015 @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  2. Who is this guy? 1  Global Head of Growth & SEO at HubSpot. 2  Lecturer for the Digital Marketing Institute. 3  Award-winning blogger. 4  Worked with brands around the world to acquire new customers. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  3. “Generating leads is difficult.” @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  4. “Generating high quality, relevant leads is really difficult.” @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  5. So… @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  6. 3 ‘hacks’ to help you generate more high quality leads in less time. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  7. Sounds good, right? @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  8. 1 Influencer Content Teams @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  9. Leverage the communities of influencers within your industry to scale community engagement, lead generation and organic search traffic. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  10. The Process 1  Identify influencers within your niche. 2  Qualify them against a set of criteria (important). 3  Align them to your content strategy. 4  Create and amplify your content. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  11. Identification @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  12. Identification @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  13. Qualification
  14. Here’s a peak at what this can achieve for a startup… @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  15. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  16. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  17. 2Content Lead Optimisation @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  18. Grow leads through the tailoring of individual offers within existing related content across your website. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  19. @hubspot // @matthewbarby “92% of our monthly blog leads came from posts published in the previous month or earlier.” #GHT15
  20. @hubspot // @matthewbarby “46% of our monthly blog leads came from just 30 posts (out of over 6,000)!” #GHT15
  21. The Idea: Take high traffic blog posts with low conversion and ‘reoptimise’ them to increase the distribution of lead generation. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  22. Before: “how to write a press release” @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  23. After: “how to write a press release” @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  24. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  25. The Process 1  Identify blog posts with existing traffic. 2  Find the main keyword each article ranks for. 3  Create a CTA specific to the keyword. 4  Track the increase in conversion rate. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  26. 3 The Content Success Formula @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  27. Run in-depth analysis on varying aspects of our content to find the winning formula for leads, links, social shares and more. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  28. What kind of analysis? @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  29. For Example 1  Word count vs organic search traffic. 2  Article title length vs Twitter shares. 3  Date of publish vs inbound links. 4  Article topic vs leads generated. 5  Words in title vs Facebook shares. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  30. Time for some data.
  31. I ran a study that analysed the 6,192 articles within our marketing blog to find our ‘content success formula’. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  32. @hubspot // @matthewbarby “Articles with a word count between 2,250 and 2,500 earn the most organic traffic on our blog.” #GHT15
  33. @hubspot // @matthewbarby “Articles on our blog with headlines consisting of 11 or 14 words are shared the most on Twitter/Facebook.” #GHT15
  34. @hubspot // @matthewbarby “Adding the word ‘infographic’ to our blog title increase tweets by 100.05%, whilst ‘template’ added 114.60% more.” #GHT15
  35. @hubspot // @matthewbarby “On average, articles with >300 inbound links received the largest volume of organic search traffic.” #GHT15
  36. @hubspot // @matthewbarby “On average, the more social shares an article received, the greater the volume of inbound links.” #GHT15
  37. Moral of the story… @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  38. Understand what works to the finest detail and then scale it. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15
  39. @hubspot // @matthewbarby #GHT15