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Exploiting Facebook Open Graph to Email your Facebook Followers


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With the decline of organic reach within Facebook, I've been looking at ways to reach more of my followers without having to give Facebook even more money. The solution... exploiting Facebook Open Graph to email my followers direct, for FREE. I'll walk you through the whole process that I take to do this so that you can start connecting with all of your followers in a matter of minutes.

View my full tutorial here as well:

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  • Hi Matt, I have downloaded the SEOTools, but every time I use the function: =JsonPathOnUrl(B1, 'username') I get an error and it returns #VALUE. Any ideas? i am using MS Office 2013 and Excel for MS Office 365. Thanks!
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Exploiting Facebook Open Graph to Email your Facebook Followers

  1. 1. Exploiting Facebook Open Graph to Email Your Facebook Followers @MatthewBarby
  2. 2. The decay of Facebook reach. Facebook reach has been in decline over the past year On average, each post will reach around 5% @MatthewBarby of your followers This is only going to get worse
  3. 3. REF: why-facebook-is-laughing-all-the-way-to-the-bank/ @MatthewBarby
  4. 4. The Solution.
  5. 5. Pay Facebook more money to reach the fans that you’ve already spent a lot of money @MatthewBarby acquiring in the first place…
  6. 6. @MatthewBarby
  7. 7. Wait... there’s something else.
  8. 8. @MatthewBarby
  9. 9. @MatthewBarby
  10. 10. Step 1: Extracting UIDs. You need to gather the unique ID number for each of your Facebook followers This isn’t easy, so you’ll need a tool called Facebook ID Scraper ( @MatthewBarby
  11. 11. @MatthewBarby
  12. 12. @MatthewBarby
  13. 13. Step 2: Scraping usernames. Parse the UID with the in Excel to create scrape extra data around each user Do this with the following formula: =""&A1 @MatthewBarby
  14. 14. @MatthewBarby
  15. 15. Use the SEO Tools plugin for Excel to scrape the username of each Facebook profile (this will help us @MatthewBarby to find their email address) Use the following formula within Excel: =JsonPathOnUrl(B1, "username")
  16. 16. Apply this formula to all cells within the column. @MatthewBarby
  17. 17. @MatthewBarby
  18. 18. Bear with me. It’ll all make sense soon…
  19. 19. Step 3: Create the Facebook e-mail. Parse the Facebook username with the Facebook @MatthewBarby email address. Do this with the following formula: =C1&""
  20. 20. @MatthewBarby
  21. 21. @MatthewBarby What now? Any email sent to an email address will forward directly to the primary email address on the person’s account…
  22. 22. @MatthewBarby
  23. 23. @MatthewBarby Before you begin. The first email sent to a Facebook email address will not deliver. It will send a message to the user asking if they want to disable email forwarding The second email (and any future email) will go directly to them Also, emails from Microsoft Outlook won’t send to Facebook email addresses (I have no idea why), but Gmail and Hotmail will send
  24. 24. @MatthewBarby So… Set up a new Gmail address and send a blank email to all of your followers to trigger the warning message The second email you send should come direct from your email address and can include images, etc.
  25. 25. @MatthewBarby
  26. 26. A quick note.
  27. 27. Apply this formula to all cells within the column. @MatthewBarby
  28. 28. With great power comes great @MatthewBarby responsibility. Don’t just spam the followers that you’ve worked so hard to acquire Offer something of value within your emails
  29. 29. @MatthewBarby Enjoy. followers/