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Harnessing the Power of Influencers - BrightonSEO


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These are the slides from my talk at BrightonSEO 2014. You can also view my extra resources list at

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Harnessing the Power of Influencers - BrightonSEO

  1. 1. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers Harnessing the Power of Influencers #PowerofInfluencers
  2. 2. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers The Perils of SEO. Content production Building an audience in a difficult niche Creating the right type of content Acquiring those big links
  3. 3. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers
  4. 4. The Solution.
  5. 5. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers The Solution. Work with respected authors/writers Partner with niche influencers Understand what content works
  6. 6. Identification.
  7. 7. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers 3-Step Process. 1. Identify the major content hubs/aggregators 2. Drill down on key authors/writers 3. Find the big influencers of popular content
  8. 8. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers 1. The Content Hubs. BuzzSumo (top performing niche content) Reddit Subreddits (find popular content aggregators) BuzzBundle (monitor social platforms) Google News (timely news)
  9. 9. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers
  10. 10. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers 2. The Authors. Social Crawlytics (most shared content) Open Site Explorer (top linking pages) Scraping with Xpath (gather stats around authors) Useful:
  11. 11. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers
  12. 12. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers 3. Influencers. (influential users sharing content) Google+ Ripples (sharing content through G+) NOD3X (awesome Google+ analysis)
  13. 13. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers
  14. 14. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers What You’ve Found. The major content hubs/blogs/news sites/etc. The content that works in your industry The top authors/writers within your niche Who is influencing the sharing of this content
  15. 15. Links.
  16. 16. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers How? Build a content creation team of top authors Work with them to place content on the top sites Leverage their industry contacts and knowledge Incentivise influencers to share content Engage within active niche communities Create content that works within your niche
  17. 17. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers
  18. 18. @MatthewBarby #PowerOfInfluencers Thanks for Listening