Penny Stock Prophet Review


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Penny Stock Prophet Review

  2. 2. Penny Stock Prophet Review• The popularity of penny stock investment has taken off in recent years due to the success stories of many who have made a fortune from this form of stock investment• Unfortunately, the success and popularity of any product/service in any market will eventually spawn many products/services that aim to lure buyers with promises which are hard to resist.• This is exactly what happened to the penny stock market when many individuals have had success stories of rag to riches.• Here we provide you an objective review of ‘’ •
  3. 3. Penny Stock Prophet Review• was created by James Connelly.• On the, it says, “James Connelly, the "Penny Stock Prophet“, Reveals the Secret to turning $1000 into $1 Million……Investing In Penny Stocks!”• The website also tries to show proof of their penny stock picks and how they were able to profit from the picks.• They also promise a 100% money-back guarantee for 8 weeks should a buyer not benefit or profit from their penny stock picks. •
  4. 4. Penny Stock Prophet Review Let’s take a look at other people’s view on• Timothy Sykes wrote a review on his blog entitled ‘Penny Stock Prophet Is An Unethical Promoter Who Only Picks Stocks He Gets Paid To Pick’• Timothy Sykes made some rather strong remarks on James Connelly on being an unethical person with an ulterior motive behind his penny stock picks.• Apparently, Mr. Sykes seemed to have been following quite closely and strongly advised others not to believe in James Connelly’s penny picks as he went into details how Mr. Connelly’s penny picks pattern is and how one should guard against it. •
  5. 5. Penny Stock Prophet ReviewLet’s take a look at the experience of Users of• On the website, a person made a blatant statement that PennyStockProphet James Connelly’s penny stock advice is a scam.• He advised people not to fall into this ‘marketing scheme’ and not to use Mr Connelly’s advice for stock market investment.• He also pointed out that the reports given by PennyStockProphet are nothing more than fake reports which do not tally with the actual balance sheet of the respective stock •
  6. 6. Penny Stock Prophet Review Let’s take a look at the experience of Users of• On the website, a former buyer/user of PennyStockProphet shared his experience of James Connelly’s picks as well as his story of trying to get a refund.• This former buyer shared that the penny stock picks given to him all turned out to be losers.• He also had a terrible experience in trying to get a refund.• Though he did ultimately obtain his refund, he only got it after long episodes of going through the credit card company before he got his money back. •
  7. 7. Penny Stock Prophet Review Conclusion• Take note that many penny stock products/services may not be what they have claimed on the sales page.• It is important to do some research before plunging into such program. •