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Should You Join Donald Wood's Empower System - A Direct Review


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Should You Join Donald Wood's Empower System - A Direct Review

  1. 1. Should You Join Donald Woods Empower System - A DirectReviewHere youll get an inside look into what it is, why the buzz and buzz , who is involved, and lastly ,should you get involved.Interested in David Sharpes and David Woods Empower Network? i was first introduced to these twoguys as I first embarked on my personal journey into internet marketing. Ive purchased courses andhave taken trainings from both of them , and I have learned a great deal. So, of course i automaticallythought that i should check out what was available in David Woods enable Network.I found it very interesting during their pre-launch, and continues to be mainly positioned as a "100%Commission" program without telling the details of the product or program behind it. I have to admit, Iwas fascinated by the Empower network pre-launch buzz. I didnt want to miss out on the thing whichi didnt know what it was. But i was also very eager to get a full understanding before committing.I actually paid for a membership for the three day right of cancellation period simply so I might get aninside look into exactly what this "100% commissions " program was offering. I was going to choosethen and there if it was something i would personally be interested in taking part in. One thing Iunderstood for sure, anything this option would put out will be legitimate and I understood that fromhaving purchased several other instruction programs from them previously.Here, Ill give you the pros and cons, in my opinion, with regard to David Woods enable Networkprogram.What is David Woods Empower Network? It is a viral running a blog and marketing program. Acommunity where other people can create daily blogs. The blog itself is perfectly created and fullyoptimized with all the features. You simply need to type and publish! It is not an additional MLM, it isan affiliate program. This affiliate program pays 100% commissions.Cost & Commissions breakdown : There are 3 levels to the program and members obtain 100%Commission when someone joins their own team;>Basic enable Network Membership ($25/monthly); Includes basic access to the core checklist faststart instruction , a viral running a blog and marketing program , the ability to earn monthly $25commissions from members who join at the basic level.>The Inner Circle Membership ($100/monthly); consists of access to the Inner Circle training library, the ability to earn monthly $100 commissions from members who join the Inner Circle.>The Costa Rica rigorous Training ($500/one-time): access to the entire Costa Rica MastermindIntensive video series, and the ability to earn one- period $500 commissions from members whopurchase the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive video sequence.**Members will not qualify to earn commissions on any items they do not personally own.Pros & Cons of David Woods Empower Network (depending on my personal opinion):1) Pro: It is a great concept and product (viral blogging, how you can blog and a blog already built foryou ). If someone is completely new , does not have a blog , does not want to create the blog, thenthis is a good place to get started.
  2. 2. 2) Pro: The fact that its smart 100% affiliate commissions is AMAZING. Therefore for instance if youare creating a team and you would like them to blog right out of the gate, this would be a goodproduct in order to recommend to them, and you would get paid 100% commissions on it, and sowould they.3) Pro: In the back again office there is an whole training and checklist on why running a blog is aneffective marketing method and the daily mode of operation for running a blog.4) Con: it doesnt personally brand YOU, and that is what Internet and Attraction marketing is about.You would eventually want to create your own blog as you would like people to seek you out as aleader in your industry.5) truth : There is a monthly regular membership cost, so this is one more expense a business ownerhas on top of their own other business operation costs. If they are not selling this program sincetheyre new and have no idea how to market a system in order sell and generate cash flow, this ispossibly ineffectively spending their money. Everyone should possess a business operation budgetand should budget appropriately.6) Con: many people that are involved in the program have lost all feeling and the value of attractionMarketing -- supplying pure value and leadership. Spamming affiliate links continues to be a big partof this program, and likely so with the 100% Commissions large prize. The more while watching packyou are, the more money you will make. Its a mad dash towards the front of the line.7) cons : The current sales channel capture page for the Empower Network only focuses on 100%commissions as a solution to money challenges, and not the viral blogging concept as a solution toadvertising. Also, the catch page is the same as everybody elses, therefore, should you click on anyadvert you see on facebook today, it all would go to the same lead capture page which only marketsthe 100% Commissions. Additionally the videos to introduce the system itself are very long and dontget to the point fast enough. Yes, cash is awesome and it is an answer for peoples business andpersonal challenges, nevertheless beyond that, an individuals biggest challenge is actually marketingthe darn system and oh wait.....rEcruiting to construct their primary business.So, do I suggest David Woods enable Network? If you like the Pros Ive mentioned previously anddo not have any concerns with the Cons Ive listed, after that yes. You will definitely acquire valuefrom this program in one way or another, as long as you proceed creatively in your advertising so youcan earn profits and youre simply aware of continuing the value of Attraction advertising. The backoffice instruction and viral running a blog concept is great for the newbie who does not mind notpersonalisation themselves.You can choose to be a Master of 1 or a Jack of Trades.Costa Rica marketing