How To Meet The Nice Pattaya GirlsAn interesting activity for anyone living full time in Pattaya is watching the huge amou...
websites the girls have to pay to be listed and the guys pay for an introduction. Other sites tend to becompletely free.Fi...
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How To Meet The Nice Pattaya Girls


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How To Meet The Nice Pattaya Girls

  1. 1. How To Meet The Nice Pattaya GirlsAn interesting activity for anyone living full time in Pattaya is watching the huge amounts of guys whomigrate to this beachfront city every year in search of Pattaya girls. Its true that there are plenty ofgirls in Pattaya, but most tourists arrive in town with a cockeyed view of what life here is enjoy.There is no question the fact that Pattaya, Thailand has become famous the world over as adestination for sex tourism. Estimates put the number of prostitutes within Pattaya at over twenty,000. Its actually been referred to within the press as the sleaziest town in the world.On one occasion we met a sixty year old woman from New Zealand who had unknowingly arrived atPattaya looking for a scuba diving adventure. She was so horrified by what she encountered on theroads that she refused to leave her hotel room after dark.Not remarkably , Western men flock to Pattaya through the thousands. Many a male visitor offerslikened it to paradise on earth. There is actually some truth to that notion, but theres much more toPattaya than just sex. Actually , some very nice girls live there.Most visitors to this a part of Thailand use the term "Pattaya girls" interchangeably with the term "bargirls". In case you are unfamiliar with Thailand, a bar girl is really a young lady who works in a bar,sells drinks, serves as coordinator , dances, and socializes with the clientele.Its from these bar girls that Pattaya gets its reputation, but incredible as it may seem to much traffic ,there are other types of girls here as well. Actually , there are lots of beautiful girls from Pattaya whostay away from the pubs , have never been in a bar, and who does never in their craziest dreamseven consider the prospect of employed in a bar.These "nice" girls arent all that hard to fulfill in Pattaya. Theyre everywhere as a matter of truth.There are girls within Pattaya that work within banks, hotels, dining places , supermarkets, and alltypes of ordinary jobs. You can even find girls in Pattaya who work as doctors and lawyers. Shouldyou just have a little personality , you can meet and also have a relationship with one of them. By theway, they will do everything the bar girls do; they just do not do it with everybody.So how do you go about meeting a nice girl within Pattaya? If youre planning on being in town for anextended period of time, this wouldnt hurt to take some Thai language lessons. There are severallanguage schools in Pattaya that provide basic "survival thai " where they educate you on theessential language skills like numbers, where, when , and how vocabulary that can make your lifemuch more enjoyable in Thailand. The Thai girls really appreciate that you have made the effort totalk their language.If youre planning on finding yourself in town for only some time , you should check out some of thesocial networking websites that make it simple to meet Thai girls. Both Facebook and MySpacepossess networks setup for people in Thailand. HubPages is another site which has a community ofpeople who reside in Thailand. Connect with a few of these folks prior to your vacation. Startnetworking in advance.Then there are the dating sites that many people are reluctant to use. You might not like the idea ofmeeting your Thai girlfriend on the internet, but its actually quite common in Thailand. On some of the
  2. 2. websites the girls have to pay to be listed and the guys pay for an introduction. Other sites tend to becompletely free.Finally, there isnt any substitute for just allowing your personality stand out and going right up to apretty Pattaya lady as well as striking up a conversation. The nice Pattaya girls are not timid or rudeand therefore are very receptive to meeting western men.Youll have to go sluggish , though. Just be respectful and take your time. Most respectable Thai girlswill want to bring along a younger member of the family like a chaperone, like a sibling or niece. Aftera couple of chaperoned dates, if youre lucky, youll get taken home to meet dad and mom. If all willgo well with the parents , youre in.lawyers in Costa Rica