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Villa in Tuscany by RiFRA


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We have furnished this prestigious villa owned by an English entrepreneur, who elected the Tuscan hills as a place of relaxation and rest, and specifically chose rifra for kitchen and bathroom furniture.

The work was done in close contact with the designer of the villa, of which next week will be published in our blog its video interview and testimony, managing the design of kitchen and bathrooms, and subsequently taking care of production, transport and final installation.

The Kitchen is part of the exclusive collection ONE, whose spectacular island worked completely at 45° is finished by hand in black cement. Complete the island the snack bar in wood.

Also on the island, the induction plans, with top-Wire Hood, are integrated into the cabinets.

The base unit part and wall columns are lacquered in opaque finish.

The Master Bathroom, in natural oak finish, is always part of the K.One collection with overtop washbasins, medicine cabinets and bathtub in solid surface, RiFRA Milano taps in steel, as well as accessories.

The Typical Italian architecture of the villa is complete with the garden and the private swimming pool.

Kitchens and Baths direct from Milano

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Villa in Tuscany by RiFRA

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