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Mozilla Webmaker: plans for 2012 and 2013

Presentation for the Mozilla Foundation Board prepared by Mark Surman

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Mozilla Webmaker: plans for 2012 and 2013

  1. 1. July 2012 mozilla foundation board meeting video conference
  2. 2. WEBMAKER mid-year review
  3. 3. big goal for 2012 best drumbeat software andlearning resources rolled into cohesive webmaker offering
  4. 4. january2012
  5. 5. june2012
  6. 6. june2012
  7. 7. june2012
  8. 8. june2012
  9. 9. june2012
  10. 10. status: we’ve shipped MVP of Webmaker offering next: test and iterate onsoftware, learning, community
  11. 11. WEBMAKER what have we actually done?
  12. 12. ➜big picture: from goals to cohesive MVP offering now have team w/ common focus and skills to do this
  13. 13. +hackasaurus: extended from goggles to thimble now have two tools for HTML, expanded learning model
  14. 14. ➜ popcorn: pivot to app that edits web media in real timepulling video, audio, pictures, maps, data, etc. from APIs into a polished video
  15. 15. + ➜approach: from software + learning to apps that teachthimble + popcorn ship w/ starter content that also teaches you things
  16. 16. + + programs: from ‘front end’ to lab + contributor pipelineHiveNYC, OpenNews, StoryCamp = feedback, news ideas, best contributors
  17. 17. ➜engagement: from rough idea to 600+ learning events summer code party napkin sketched in march, delivered in june
  18. 18. ➜ contributors: from ~100 to ~1000 in 6 monthsclear offering / call to action = more contributors, mostly instructors
  19. 19. WEBMAKER what does success look like?
  20. 20. big goalmove 10s millions of people fromusing the web to making the web but what does that look like now? how are we measuring success in 2012?
  21. 21. metricsin april, we said: contributors should be our primary metric for 2012 also said we’d look at adoption, badges, media and revenue
  22. 22. contributor metrics
  23. 23. why measure contributors? contributors = key resource forbuilding things and reaching people in a way that will scale
  24. 24. why measure contributors? also, early proxy to evaluate if peopleunderstand and like what we’re building
  25. 25. three kinds of contributors code: coders, localizers, QA (target = 150) content: people building learning projects (target = 200) teaching: instructors andevent organizers (target = 1,000)
  26. 26. Webmaker contributors april 2012 june 2012 target code 75 150 content 50 200 teaching 200 1000 total 325 1350
  27. 27. Webmaker contributors april 2012 june 2012 2012 target code 75 223 150 content 50 55 200 teaching 200 700 1000 total 325 978 1350
  28. 28. Webmaker contributors code content teaching 495 Thimble 20 Popcorn 218 30 Open Badges 5 OpenNews ? 5 30 Hive 30 160 total 223 55 700
  29. 29. growing + involving contributorsCanonical’s Jono Bacon says:4 keys to involving contributors1. on ramps2. tasks / CTAs3. documentation / training4. celebration
  30. 30. growing + involving contributors Summer Code Party + Hive cover all 4 steps for instructorsthis quickly grew our instructor community to 700 people in 79 countries
  31. 31. growing + involving contributors now need to dive deeper withinstructors, understand motivations two immediate actions:a) 1-on-1 instructor outreach by all MoFo staff b) REMO Webmaker special interest group
  32. 32. growing + involving contributorsPopcorn building strengthin code contributors (200+)popcorn.js library plus events key to thisOpenNews projects starting to produce code,could become another big source of contributors
  33. 33. growing + involving contributorsquestion: when to build Thimble /Goggles code community?probably need slightly more advanced offeringbefore we put significant effort into this
  34. 34. growing + involving contributors learning content is least developed areafirst Thimble hackfest in Londonproduced projects like ‘Zombies’need a way to get contributions like this on ongoing basis
  35. 35. growing + involving contributors Q3+4 Thimble priority iscontent contributor workflow this will be simple at first, likely just through wikis and events will add full featured system in Q4-12 or Q1-13
  36. 36. growing + involving contributorslonger term, need to buildcontributor muscle across the org1. messaging w/ clear CTAs2. architecture of participation3. contributor engagement staff
  37. 37. adoptionmetrics
  38. 38. why look at usage and adoption?we want to build consumer gradesoftware and experiencesPopcorn,Thimble, etc. have to be things thatpeople *like* if we’re going to have an impact
  39. 39. why look at usage and adoption?therefore: need to know who is usingour offering and how they are using itwe’ve built good software team and MVP,now need to test and iterate to full offering
  40. 40. a challenge we’re just starting to baseline Webmaker,Thimble, Popcorn usagee.g.12k Thimble pages published in first 3 weeks, very basic info on which projects most popular
  41. 41. a challengee-mail list is only place we can start to see trends
  42. 42. reach via mofo email list 700,000 growth continues as messaging switches to Webmaker 525,000 major list growth due to SOPA 350,000 175,000 0 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 projected Q4 projected
  43. 43. a challengee-mail list is only place we can start to see trends need this kind of info for all our offerings to understand how people are using them
  44. 44. in the meantime ...user testing and surveys areprimary source of feedbacksurvey of 150+ learners showed majority likedThimble, wanted more hints and better publishing
  45. 45. in the meantime ... we’re also just going out and talking to people feedback from events, publicappearances and press being activelyploughed back into product decisions
  46. 46. next steps we’re adding basic dashboards for Thimble and Popcorn major list growth due to SOPAwe couldn’t do this until we added user accounts and apublishing gallery, neither of which made the MVP feature cut
  47. 47. next steps we’re also focusing / pivoting based on user feedback from the MVP releases major list growth due to SOPAissue right now is managing scope and expectations:people see big potential, we can only ship so many features
  48. 48. badgesmetrics
  49. 49. why track badges? badges key to understanding and measuring learningultimately, need to see if people’s web skills and creativity increase -- this is a central part of the impact we want to have
  50. 50. what skills to start with? we want people to know basic web mechanics and creativity skills our first Webmakermozilla web literacy map 0.3 badges will be based on this skills grid (draft)
  51. 51. current challengebadges implementation delayed as devs needed on thimble result: we don’t yet have a systematic way to tracking learning plan is to integrate Webmaker badges into Thimble in Q3 and Q4
  52. 52. in the meantime ...we’re surveying Thimble usersabout learning outcomeswe’re also a) talking to instructors andb) tracking entry/exits statson learning projects
  53. 53. early observations90% users with no experiencesaid they learned something43% said they learned alotsurveys also gave nuanced feedback:e.g. some users stuck on browser basics(cut and paste) and web mechanics (inks)
  54. 54. next stepsThimble next rev will fix and testagainst basic learning obstaclese.g. add content on web mechanics andbrowser basics, improve publishingworkflow, do more nuanced FTF user testing
  55. 55. mediametrics
  56. 56. why measure media?test whether ourmessage is getting throughalso provides rough proxy for howwidely our message is getting out
  57. 57. coverage so far ...good: on messagecoverage of WebmakerLifehacker:“Mozilla Webmaker aims to teach youto code and to change you from webconsumer to creator."
  58. 58. coverage so far ... also: Webmaker positioned as core Mozilla offering TechCrunch Thunderbird coverage:“Mozilla is ramping up its efforts with Boot2Gecko, the Thimble code editor and Firefox Mobile."
  59. 59. how much coverage?87 press mentions ofWebmaker in June 2012vs.65 mentions of MozillaFestival in Q4 2011
  60. 60. big challengemessaging good, but call toaction not getting throughalso, idea that Webmaker is a big tentinvolving many players is not yet beingreflected in the press
  61. 61. next stepsWebmaker press campaignin UK leading up MozFestfocus is on getting call to action plus‘Webmaker as big tent’ conceptwill use MozFest itselfas major press hook
  62. 62. revenue metrics
  63. 63. why measure revenue? proxy for public support andpartner confidence in programs of course, just need to track as part of our regular financial metrics as well
  64. 64. where are donations at? donations had good Q1 but weak Q2 this is almost certainly due to allengagement resources focusing on Summer Code Party in Q2
  65. 65. individual donations (comparison) US$500,000 But Q2 slowed dramatically due to focus on summer Q1 2012 US$375,000 campaign 300% above this time in 2011 US$250,000 US$125,000 US$0 Start Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 2012 YTD 2011 actual 2010 actual! 2009 actual
  66. 66. next steps Q3 returns to individualappeals, t-shirt promo + new monthly donation campaign Q4 will prioritize year-end campaign w/ Webmaker focus
  67. 67. where are grants at?grants continue to beour strong suitprojections are $4.75M,$1.5M over budgetpipeline has an addition $5Min more speculative projects
  68. 68. 2012 grants US$6,000,000 US$4,500,000 US$3,000,000 US$1,500,000 US$0 2012 budget 2012 secured additional pipeline
  69. 69. what are the challenges?there is risk that we becometoo grant dependantmost grants are focused on Webmakergoals, but even these are tied tospecific outcomes/ limit ability to pivot
  70. 70. next stepssustainability + revenue mixtopic at next board meetingwill look at major gift plus moreaggressive donationsboth require more investment butalso offer more independence
  71. 71. WEBMAKER summary and next steps
  72. 72. summary 1. we’ve shipped Webmaker MVP 2. focus now: testing and iterating3. also, building base of contributors
  73. 73. current challenges1. getting good at community2. product and learning feedback loops3. also: product scoping / tradeoffs
  74. 74. on our mind for 2013 1. ‘real’ programming:ThimbleJS? 2. mobile + games + webmaking3. new geographies, esp. UK + Brasil
  75. 75. July 2012 mozilla foundation board meeting video conference