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Introduction to tst online

  1. 1. Betray the Sales ProcessAn introduction to Tactical Sales Training
  2. 2. Betray the Sales Process - An introduction to Tactical Sales Training For full details check us out online or callAbout Us 01202 606010.Tactical Sales Training offer a fresh take on the art of sales. It’s time to get beyond ‘the process’ and truly Most training organizations run courses that are about the sciencedifferentiate your sales performance. of sales and very process centric.Tactical Sales training offered a fresh take on the subtle art of sales and worked with our team on liveWhat we do Our Background prospects and customers. Chris McManus, VP EMEA Sales AVGWe’re experts in selling. Both on the phone, in the field, and we’ve Tactical Sales Training was formed in January 2011 and since thena strong record in building high performance sales teams. To say we have worked with clients of varying sizes both in the UK and TST delivered a first class session for my team.The message wasthe least, we’re very passionate about what we do. We’ve helped Internationally. We’ve delivered training solutions on 5 continentshundreds of businesses and individuals to increase their general sales and helped hundreds of organisations and their people to increase refreshingly clear and honest and he really identified the critical areaseffectiveness using modern business to business selling techniques. their sales effectiveness and confidently overcome the challenges you need to understandIn part, our success has come from having a uniquely refreshing they face in their market place. Ian Girling, Operations Manager, Business Linkapproach to sales with interactive and engaging training yielding realworld results by allowing people to think freely and get beyond ‘the So many positive changes in our team. More urgency, more directnessprocess’ to creatively overcome sales challenges. People choose us because… and honesty about deals that in the past were never going to happen. Tactical Sales Training is about getting beyond the “sales process”. Richard Dare, Owner, Ward Goodman StudyWe’re specialists in providing: Those little details which turn into big deals. We can help you and• Open sales training courses your team in lot’s of ways with flexible solutions that best suit your I have been to many sales training events butTactical SalesTraining• On-site, bespoke sales training courses requirements. We provide our delegates with cutting edge skillsets stands out as the one that has given me the best insight into how to• On-going Sales Development programmes for getting ahead of the curve in modern day selling combined with succeed in selling. unrivalled post course support ensuring they retain what they learn David Ashplant, Owner, Lester AldridgeOur training is designed and delivered by our team of successful and maximise the longevity of your owners and Sales Directors / VP’s with distinguished careersin senior sales roles. This means not only can we bring with us a This sales training really puts a slant on the whole sales process andwealth of industry relevant knowledge and expertise but we’re likely inspired me to analyse my sales strategy and make significant changesto have faced and overcome the same challenges as you in our own in how I work my leads and opportunities. Brilliant Course - Wouldsales careers. recommend to anyone in Sales!!! Jamie Davies, Sales Manager, Software Box 02
  3. 3. Betray the Sales Process - An introduction to Tactical Sales Training For full details check us out online or callTactical Telesales: 1 Day Course 01202 606010.Who’s it for? • 6 ways to get the e-mail response you want - Simple Client Comments about this course: guidelines to increase your reply rateIf you need to make your first cold call, get through to moredecision makers, generate more leads, make more appointments • Qualify opportunities - Qualify hard and qualify early. I would highly recommend TST as I found their telesalesor close more business on the telephone then this really is a must Understand the full implications of weak qualification. Eye- course to be thoroughly engagingattend. opening Qualification workshop Ellie MacDougal, The Change OrganisationPerfect for all Telesales Staff, Telemarketers, Inbound & Outbound • Intelligent Questions - Ask very tough questions in a veryCall Handlers, Account Managers, Business Development subtle way. I can safely say that all of his hints and tips put into practiceManagers, Fund Raisers, Commercial Managers, Appointment • Get past the gatekeeper - Learn to cut through to decision have given me instant results in achieving my sales targetSetters and those in need of a refresher. makers and communicate via meaningful, high value Hannah Caslin, Talent Fizz conversations.Course Overview • Pitch in a persuasive and engaging way - Captivate your Great course. Ive been selling for over 26 years and thisThis high impact course is designed specifically to generate instant audience with cutting edge presenting skills.measurable results and challenge the thoughts of even the most course really cuts through the fluff giving every sales personexperienced sales people. In a nutshell this course will provide • Objection handling workshop - As a group, discuss the more time to make more money. objections that effect you the most and under expert guidanceyou with the skills required to identify, attract, engage and close John Webster, Pathways UK unveil the most effective solution for handling specificbusiness on the telephone. objections. I found TST’s straight forward approach & style of training toWhat’s covered? • Develop superb listening skills - Make sure you’re hearing be thought provoking and a breath of fresh air. everything that is and isn’t said.• Differentiating ourselves from the stereotypical salesperson Paul Tedore MCIOB, Interserve Interiors With 800,000 sales professionals in the UK, you need to be • Value the importance of being honest and direct - Mention different. the unmentionable, acknowledge roadblocks, admit uncertainty I would suggest that anyone involved in sales or sales• Effective prospecting - Make sure you’re making the best of and clear a path to closing your deal. management contacts Tactical Sales Training. Essential your time off the phone. • Creative closing - Learn excellent and alternative skills that training for any serious sales professional.• Cherrypicking your data - Optimising you calling strategies. enable you to control the account and get the results you need Julian Beer, Concurrent Engineering• Leaving Effective Voicemails - Should we leave voicemails? Best 03
  4. 4. Betray the Sales Process - An introduction to Tactical Sales Training For full details check us out online or callTactical Field Sales: 2 Day Course 01202 606010.Who’s it for? • Qualify hard and early - Qualify earlier, smarter and harder. Qualifying out is just as important as qualifying in. Eye opening Client Comments about this course:Perfect if you need to find better prospecting methods, book more qualification workshopsales meetings, generate more leads, qualify your accounts more • 6 ways to get the e-mail response you want - Increase your TST gave a creative and insightful look at the real roots of tacticaleffectively or close more business in the field. reply rate with simple guidelines selling and how to truly qualify an opportunity and in turn increaseThis is a must attend course for Account Managers, Business • Leaving Effective voicemails - Should we leave them and best conversion rates. Highly recommended.Development Managers, Field Sales People, Commercial practices Paul McKeown, Cleardata Document ManagementManagers, those making the transition into the field and those inneed of an eye opening refresher that cuts to the quick and gives • Intelligent questioning - Ask very tough questions in a verythem more time to make money. subtle way. I recently attendedTST’s 2 day course and found that the • Value the importance of being honest and direct - Mention refreshingly direct approach both relevant and worthwhile.Their recent the unmentionable, acknowledge roadblocks, admit uncertainty “Real World” experience added particular value to the course.Overview and be a better sales person because of it Ian Challand, Epaccsys LtdWith a strong focus on optimising your sales conversion rates, the • Objection handling workshop - As a group, discuss thecourse will take your sales expertise to the next level. Promising to objections that effect you the most and under expert guidance We’ve an experienced team who generally perform well but theirchallenge the thoughts of even the most experienced sales people, unveil the most effective solution for handling specificwe’ll provide you with a cutting edge skill set and some really smart performance since their session withTST has yielded some of our objections.techniques that will help you re-focus your efforts and advance best results on record..through your career. • Develop exceptional listening skills - Learn how to know Stephen Spendlove, Colliers International exactly what’s going on with your prospects all the timeWhat’s covered? • Solve challenges - Use creativity and flexibility to overcome I highly recommendTST to those who are not only new to sales but obstacles• Effective prospecting - Make sure you’re making the best of also to those who have been in the role to remind yourselves of the your time off the phone. • Creative closing - Learn excellent and alternative closing basics and learn new techniques. It’s worth it!!! techniques with anecdotal examples form the course leaders• Get past the ‘Gatekeeper’ and make that appointment professional career Audrey Geanga, Sutherland Global Services Learn effective methods for cutting through to decision makers and align your expectations with them when you book your 04
  5. 5. Betray the Sales Process - An introduction to Tactical Sales Training For full details check us out online or callTactical Sales Management: 1 Day Course 01202 606010.Who’s it for? What’s covered? Client Comments about this course:The course is essential for Sales Managers, Team Leaders, Channel • Recruiting great sales people and keeping them - UnderstandManagers and Business Owners who want the skills to increase the how to attract them, retain them by driving their performance TST’s Sales Managent course has helped me to re-think a fewperformance of their sales teams. (in turn helping them to earn lots of money for themselves, you aspects of managing my sales team. I have definitely walked away and your business) and implement a successful, low turnaround with a number of ideas of how I can bring a better structure to theYour sales team are amongst the most important people in recruitment structure.your business and it’s your job to make sure they deliver the team and make them a better performing sales force.numbers. They’re all individuals, perhaps at varying skill levels, • Managing individuals - Channel the energy of your team members positively, gain their respect and use your skills to Philip Fedosenkov, Elfabso you already know that a rigid management structure is not the help them develop in their careers.answer. This is good, because that’s NOT what we do. This is something i strongly recommend and feel whatever area of • Development plans & KPI’s - Make sure you know where work you currently work in this training will be able to help and offer youCourse Overview every member of your team is in every respect and where great new ideas moving forward in your career they are headed. Set achievable improvement targets aroundLearn some great techniques for recruiting, staff retention, appropriate timescales, achieve them and use them to developmanaging team members, motivating sales teams, pipeline Sam King, Pitney Bowes your team at a fast paceassessment and most importantly driving performance that yields If Carlsberg did SalesTraining .Team Cleardata area on it like areal results. The course is conducted by successful business • Set an agenda and drive performance - Become the architect of your teams success through positive planning and tramp on chips!owners or company directors who’ve faced and overcome thechallenges that you face in building a high performance sales team. performance drivers. Matt A, Cleardata Document Solutions • Interview Techniques - Know how to identify true professionalsWe’ll give you the skills to lead from the front, gain the respect of and those who it’s second nature to go that extra mile with Great way to clear your head and regain focus. Inspiring training!your team, coach them, give them time and space to perform and some excellent and alternative techniques.ultimately consistently get the best from your team. Peter Ruis, Design Solutions • Qualification Workshop - An eye opening look at the smartest way to drill down qualify both your and your sales teams TST - in a word, WOW. I attended the sales training thatTST pipelines. provided and i must say it was the best training i have ever had. Luke Millar, 05
  6. 6. Betray the Sales Process - An introduction to Tactical Sales Training For full details check us out online or call 01202 606010.On-site & Bespoke ServicesSometimes it makes more sense for us to come to you with asolution designed specifically for you. Whether you’re an SME or You and Us We specialise in…an International Organisation, we’ll listen to your requirements and We’re serious about making money, and lots of it, for you and • Sales Trainingthe challenges that you face and address them with measurable your business and for us and ours. That’s why we take what we do • Sales Management Trainingsolutions. so seriously, always trying to make the end to end sales training • Sales Team Assessments experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. • Recruiting and Building Sales Teams •Who’s it for? • Sales Structure Implementation / Review Ongoing Sales Development Our business grows naturally based on recommendation which isOn-site and bespoke training is ideal for companies with large why achieving measurable ROI for our clients is as fundamentalsales teams, multiple teams or those in niche industries. It’s the to our own growth as it is to yours. We like to employ a ‘We’re in For more information about our on-site and bespoke servicesperfect solution for companies who need an on-going training it together’approach based on strong, lasting relationships and enquire online or contact 01202 606010 and speak with a membersolution to keep their sales teams performing at the highest consistent results. of our team.possible level.We work with companies big and small to help them sell more including... Me a s u r a b l e p e r f o r m a c e d e l i v e r e d g l o b a l l yand hundreds more! 06
  7. 7. Betray the Sales Process - An introduction to Tactical Sales TrainingContact Us Still Curious? Training Centres Arena Business Centre High Wycombe Unit 23A Lane End Conference Centre Poole High Wycombe Dorset Buckinghamshire United Kingdom HP14 3HH BH17 7FL Manchester The Studio Tel 01202 606010 51 Lever Street E-mail Manchester Web M1 1FN Search Tactical Sales Training Thanks for taking an interest in Tactical Sales Training, if you think we might be able to help you or your business then lets talk. Connect with me on Linkedin or youre welcome to call me on 07788590629. John Perrin, Founder and MD of Tactical Sales 07