Utah is a great place to do business


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This is an infographic we created at Avalaunch Media for the Utah State Government. It does a great job of visually showing why doing business in Utah is a good thing.

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Utah is a great place to do business

  1. 1. A PREMIER GLOBAL BUSINESS DESTINATION of all exporting companies are small businesses of all importing companies are small businesses has the workforce to prove it UTAH HAS... FASTEST BROADBAND in the Western U.S. 2nd FASTEST growing economy in the U.S. A STABLE & PREDICTABLE business friendly climate 5.2% Unemployment Rate (National: 7.7%) 4% Employment Growth (National: 1.5%) 10th LOWEST TAX burden in the country A Corporate tax rate that has NOT RISEN in 15 years Costs are 10% BELOW the national average 10 CONSECUTIVE YEARS of export growth TAX REBATE incentives to companies who create jobs Utah is the most linguistically diverse state with 130 LANGUAGES SPOKEN in business daily Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is actively encouraged The EB-5 Visa Investor Program pro- vides opportunities to invest in Utah’s commercial enterprise Utah’s ranking for per-capita ice cream consumption Cost of living is 6% below the national average Average life expectancy for Utah’s population. Tied for the 6th longest 80.1 29 Average age, making Utah the youngest state in the country 7 Consecutive years that Utah has been the top state for volunteerism 2nd Lowest utility rate in the country -6% No.8 71.4% 60.5% Percentage of family households. Ranked first in the nation Percentage of married couple families. Ranked first in the nation UTAH HAS BEEN NAMED STATE IN THE U.S. 2032 1st 50th Clean Water: 1st Dental Visits: 9th Job Creation: 5th Standard of living: 6th Lowest Obesity Rate: 5th Full-time employment: 21st Economic confidence: 10th Safe places to exercise: 4th Least amount of Smoking: 1st Optimism about their future: 30th Optimism about a place’s future: 2nd Perceived learning opportunities: 2nd Healthy employee-supervisor relationships: 1st Additionally, the US Census Bureau projected that Utah’s labor force will increase at twice the national average between 2003 and 2030 5 2 43 National Parks National Recreation Areas State Parks MILLION+ Visitors attracted each year to the wonderful events & beauty of Utah 7 3 11 National Monuments Visitors that attend the distinguished Sundance Film Festival Members in the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir Visitors that attend the Tony Award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival Ski resorts located in Utah that are considered the top in NORTH AMERICA Number of ski resorts located within a ONE hour drive of SLC International Airport 360 130,000 50,000 22 “Best Managed State in the Nation” The Pew Center “#1 in the Country for Business and Careers” The Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States “#1 Business Climate” Business Facilities WHY IS UTAH THE BEST STATE FOR BUSINESS? UTAH’S FUTURE IS BRIGHT UTAH IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE UTAH SMALL BUSINESSLOVES UTAH INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSLOVES UTAH IS FUN The University of Utah ranked first in 2010 and 2011for the number of start-ups powered by technology developed by their faculty The Utah economy created 45,300jobs during 2012 American Legislative Exchange Council ranked Utah #1 Economic Outlookfor the 5th straight year Utah ranked #2 for job growth by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Nearly US $1.3 billionof capital commitments have been made in Utah-based venture capital and private equity funds The Wall Street Journal says Utah is the brightest star on the American flag WORLD-CLASS COMPANIES LOCATED IN UTAH: & MANY MORE CNN Money Reports that Utah will be the #1 state to live in by 2032 Their report was based on these categories and placements: UTAH HAS MOMENTUM: State for Business and Careers Forbes Magazine SLC International Airport hosts OVER 700 daily flights, and has an international free trade zone THIS INFOGRAPHIC WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THIS INFOGRAPHIC WAS CREATED BY Utah enjoys a 90% High School graduation rate in the country for percentage of students passing AP exams Future workers account for 3.13 persons per household (1st in the nation) STEM education is a priority with Legislature Utah is one of only four states to maintain AAA bondrating for the past 46 years Utah has made a goal to have 66% of its adults obtain a college degreeor postsecondary certificate by 2020 $17.6 $14.3 $13.9 $7.8 $7 $4.5$6.9 $2.8 TOP INDUSTRIES IN UTAH GDP in Billions of USD