Leveraging the power of SEO with your local business


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This presentation given at Eastern Arizona College to a group of small business owners was to help them get into the basics of leveraging the power of SEO (search engine optimization) with their local main street business.

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Leveraging the power of SEO with your local business

  1. 1. Leveraging the Power of SEO with Your Local Business Matt Siltala, President mat@dreamsystemsmedia.com
  2. 2. Search Engine Results Position (SERPs)
  3. 3. Lets take a look at Mobile SERPs
  4. 4. Different Forms of Optimization– Paid– Maps– Organic
  5. 5. How To Get From Point A to Point B
  6. 6. Optimizing For Maps Listings
  7. 7. NAP on Citations and Website(Name, Address, Phone Number)
  8. 8. Title Tags andMeta Description
  9. 9. We looked at 50 companies in different markets & categories who ranked position A in maps. 76% listed city/location in title tag 82% listed keyword/category in title tag 78% listed business name in title tag 10% listed business phone number in title tag
  10. 10. This is what I recommend: Or…
  11. 11. Many Factors– On Page– Off Page– Meta Data– Links– Citations– Reviews– Location– NAP + MAP
  12. 12. Why All This Matters?
  13. 13. Who is looking?– College Students (Every Semester)– Mine Workers– New People brought in by increased jobs in area– Out of Town-ers– The more people move in, the more need for new jobs (again, more new people)– As economy Grows more people move in
  14. 14. What Are They Seeing?
  15. 15. VS
  16. 16. VS
  17. 17. VS
  18. 18. Much Cleaner And Better User Experience
  19. 19. Organic Optimization
  20. 20. Behind the Scenes
  21. 21. Moving on because most of you arejust shaking your head right nowover simple source code meta data stuff …. Just be glad I don’t go over stuff like this:
  22. 22. Slide via NiftyMarketing KML FILE Geo Sitemap Tip: Use GeoSitemapGenerator.com to create these. EASY!
  23. 23. Are bothSlide via NiftyMarketing uploaded to your site. Geo Sitemap KML File Creates This…Is Submitted to.. Which lets Google know where this is..
  24. 24. Slide via NiftyMarketing KML data could be a factor in getting “Landmark Status” in Google Maps…
  25. 25. Take a Deep Breath – We are not going there … Tonight anyway (Maybe in September)
  26. 26. What Makes a Great Landing Page?
  27. 27. Location Page
  28. 28. Have a Call To Action
  29. 29. Map/Navigation to Business
  30. 30. Slide via NiftyMarketing How To Generate a Map From Google To create a custom map visit google.com/maps and follow the above instructions.
  31. 31. Feature a Testimonial
  32. 32. Content talking about Services You Offer
  33. 33. Link To Your Review Pages
  34. 34. Include Trust Symbols
  35. 35. Show Me You Are Real
  36. 36. Put It All Together……
  37. 37. Overload?
  38. 38. Takeaways – Maps Optimization – Build Citations – On Site Optimization – Landing Page – Think Mobile – Think Bigger
  39. 39. THANK YOU! Matt Siltala, President dreamsystemsmedia.com mat@dreamsystemsmedia.com @Matt_Siltala on Twitter Download: http://www.SlideShare.net/MattSiltala