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  1. 1. FROM ENHANCED TO PROFITABLE Taking the Enhanced Out of PPC and Making It Profitable @LukeAlley
  2. 2. About Luke • Director of PPC at Avalaunch Media • 5 Years Experience in SEM • Lead Gen & eCommerce in Finance, Law, Non-Profit, Local, and More. @LukeAlley
  3. 3. @LukeAlley
  4. 4. Phase 1: Anger, Outrage “It's the most lowbrow thing Google has ever done.” – Search Marketing Exec @LukeAlley “I am sooo mad right now. This is robbery plain and simple. Its like stealing cash straight from our pockets. It really is, period. End of story.” - Rychelle
  5. 5. Phase 2: Coping “One thing PPC managers are not hating on with EC is the new geo-targeting feature.” - Amanda @LukeAlley
  6. 6. Phase 3: Acceptance @LukeAlley “By simplifying this process, I’m confident that you’ll see an uptake in mobile advertising adoption and ROI.” - Larry
  7. 7. Phase 4: Scrambling “We will begin automatically upgrading all AdWords campaigns to enhanced campaigns starting on July 22, 2013.” Goog “Advertisers have upgraded over 6 million legacy campaigns, representing almost 75% of active campaigns. Starting today we will begin upgrading all campaigns automatically…” -Goog @LukeAlley
  8. 8. Phase 5: Settling “Adwords cost per click down 6% in Q2, Google shares fall by 5%” -SEL “One thing that is absolutely not true is that enhanced campaigns will save you time.” -Alastair @LukeAlley
  9. 9. @LukeAlley
  10. 10. The Good MOST SIGNIFICANT • CPC’s have dropped • Robust sitelinks • Location bidding • New conversion types: app downloads & calls. • Sitelink setting options • Adgroup level sitelinks • Bidding by radius LEAST SIGNIFICANT • Flexible bid strategies @LukeAlley
  11. 11. The Bad – Lack of control MOST SIGNIFICANT • • • • • • • CPA has risen Tablets are combined with desktops Mobile campaign combined with tablet/desktops Mobile bids are -100% to 300% of desktop bids Mobile bidding at adgroup/campaign level Mobile preferred creative Not a time saver LEAST SIGNIFICANT @LukeAlley
  12. 12. The Ugly - Top 9 Strategies for Enhanced Campaigns @LukeAlley
  13. 13. Mobile Preferred Ads • Test ads to see which does best on mobile, make responsive (Geddes) • If no responsive design, send to mobile optimized page. • Makes up for no separation of mobile @LukeAlley
  14. 14. New Sitelink Options • Use expanded, adgroup sitelinks • Device preference • Start/end dates • Weekly scheduling @LukeAlley
  15. 15. Location Bidding • Look at this often. • Use “Where your users were” to drill down to more specific locations, add them @LukeAlley
  16. 16. Call Conversions • Report phone call conversions • If calls are valuable show only phone number on mobile, use call focused MPAs @LukeAlley
  17. 17. Radius Bidding • Bid higher or lower depending on radius. @LukeAlley
  18. 18. Device Targeting/Bidding • Make sure you use it! • Break out “mobile outlier keywords” into their own adgroups to manage mobile bids better. @LukeAlley
  19. 19. Responsive Design • Just do it! • If no responsive design, send to mobile optimized page. @LukeAlley
  20. 20. Mobile Only Campaigns • I’ve seen it with my own eyes! • Mobile bids at 300%, mobile preferred ads only, mobile optimized webpage. • Be cautious, keywords were only being triggered on mobile & not desktop @LukeAlley
  21. 21. Stick to the Best Practices @LukeAlley
  22. 22. Top of the Line Tools • Keyword organization – • Competitive Research – • Phone Tracking – • CRO – • Management – Marin Software @LukeAlley
  23. 23. Working With Google Reps • Monitor every change – they love enhanced • Have them help with new ads, keywords • Avoid YouTube, Display, raising bids, and be weary of betas • Squeaky wheel gets the grease @LukeAlley
  24. 24. The Paid VS Organic Battle • • • Google is in PPC’s corner SEO is becoming harder PPC is a long term but consistent investment • Ads are taking more space • Ad Extensions • PLAs • Image Extensions @LukeAlley
  25. 25. Paid Local Organic @LukeAlley 2010 --“Plumber San Francisco”
  26. 26. Paid Organic Local @LukeAlley 2013 --“Plumber San Francisco”
  27. 27. 2008 --“Pool table” Paid Organic @LukeAlley
  28. 28. Local Paid PLAs Organi c @LukeAlley 2013 --“Pool table”
  29. 29. 2013 --“Google stock price” Paid @LukeAlley
  30. 30. Google and Bing • • • • • Bing has best of both worlds. Tablet Start on Google then transition to Bing – Easy import options Google is years ahead but Bing is catching up – mostly the same features Bing says they have higher quality leads/sales. We haven’t seen that. Bing is quick to listen to feedback. @LukeAlley
  31. 31. My Prediction: Bing will eventually change to Enhanced Campaign structure. @LukeAlley
  32. 32. How We Measure Lead Generation Results • Measure the lead quality • Marin Software • Import conversions • Phone calls • Tie data back to keywords • @LukeAlley
  33. 33. How to Get the Most Out of Your Agency • Communicate back to emails/phone calls • Set clear goals for CPA, calls, etc. • Understand what to expect • Squeaky wheel… • Send them gift baskets  @LukeAlley
  34. 34. Questions? Thank You! m @LukeAlley

Editor's Notes

  • Find out… how many are running PPC currently or have run PPC? How many are doing it themselves? Who has used an agency? How many have seen success with PPC?
  • What date was Enhanced Campaigns announced?
  • Feb 6th, Twitter exploding, feuds between people arguing about tablets, shock, some agencies had been able to use ECs for several weeks prior, feedback was mixed
  • People began using ECs, saw features they actually liked, made it easier for many small advertisers to manage their accounts, made it more difficult for large, savvy advertisers. How many people got a call from Google to opt in?
  • More and more managers saw good results, date was still far off, Google was still making adjustments, originally only offered mobile bid adjustments at Campaign level, switched to adgroup level. Ask the question when did Enhance Campaigns actually start…
  • People were still trying to figure out ECs at that time, does it start at 12:01 am or at 11:59 pm?
  • Those who relied on tablets were in trouble, like iPad accessory companies, everyone had to change strategies, manage different ways, setup campaigns differently, Bing really started looking like the good guy.
  • Chelsey rocks.
  • I’d like to present all these items in a prettier way than just a bulleted list. I’ve listed them from most significant to least significant. Maybe we make some sort of spectrum that has “most significant” to “least significant” on the other side?
  • I’d like to present all these items in a prettier way than just a bulleted list. I’ve listed them from most significant to least significant. Maybe we make some sort of spectrum that has “most significant” to “least significant” on the other side?
  • Countdown to strategies … companies that could use these features
  • Business has call “call to action”… Cascade business news wants advertisers to call form their phones.
  • Technology startup news… during the day people are reading on their phones b/c at work, use sitelinks that link to mobile optimized pages, in the evening they link to desktop site.
  • Dana Signs wants to break into the Portland market, but not into the Eugene market. They bid more in Portland and less in Eugene
  • Five Fushion Sushi Bar gets reservations over the phone, lasts longer than 3 minutes to make reservation.
  • The Pine Tavern bids up 50% if someone is within 10 miles, otherwise -25%.
  • The Bend Bulletin is read on tablets/desktops more than mobile… increase or decrease bids by device.
  • Oxford Hotel creates a responsive design for mobile users since desktop view is clunky on mobile.
  • toolbox or toolkit look, make it look like tools, on yeti?
  • Story about getting calls from my Adwords “consultant”… some good pointers on missing extensions, etc. but always something about trying a new format
  • Tell about calls from