Content Repurposing - Exploiting Multimedia Opportunities


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This presentation was given by David Mink during Pubcon Vegas 2013 - Content Repurposing - exploiting multimedia opportunities and going viral online with YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media networks.

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  • Great to see someone else talking about repurposing.

    Audio and Social are two other types of embeddable or reusable media.

    Of course there's lists too, but I am co-founder of a startup focussed on reusable lists.

    I call all these types of media 'Content Networks'. I laid out the case for them here
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  • Great information. It's hard to know where to focus your energies when first starting out.
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  • {"16":"This is why we suggest quick short videos!\n","5":"AtTask Slay The Dragon Case Study.\n","22":"Choosing the right category is a best practice. Which category will lead to most views? Or, which category will bring the intended audience?\n","11":"And how do you get engagement? Start with really analyzing what the most popular like-videos are doing. It is incredible how many people fail to do this!\n","17":"Tweets help with indexing, facebook helps with views, google pluses help with authorship, etc.\n","6":"Why did they choose to repurpose the eBook? It was an ultra effective lead generator – converting more than 50% of people who hit the landing page.\n","23":"Best practice – add your video to your G+ profile and share it through every platform available.\n","12":"Now that you understand why the other stuff is working, get to work storyboarding.\n","1":"Exploiting multimedia opportunities through content repurposing tactics.\n","7":"In February of this year, we released our most popular infographic of all time, Social Meowdia. Much like the AtTask content this content was also a very effective lead generator. So, what do you do? You repurpose!\n","24":"Best practice – transcribe your video to help with SEO (tell Google what your video is about so they will include it in searches!)\n","13":"Bigger is not always better. You’ll find out why in a minute.\n","2":"Why should you repurpose your content? Simply put, platform and audience expansion. Producing a powerpoint version of your content allows you to syndicate the content in slideshare, docstoc, Scribd, and Prezi to name a few. Creating images opens up synidcation through flickr, photobucket, smugmug, etc. And a video can be uploaded to vimeo, YouTube, Jing, or viddler.\n","8":"One of our favorite repurposing mediums is video. That should be no surprise as you consider some of these statistics:\nMore than 1 billion unique visitors visit YouTube each month\nOver 6 billion hours of video are watched each month\nYouTube reaches more 18-34 US adults than any cable network\n","25":"Underlying all of the other beautiful reasons for content repurposing is utility. It’s about squeezing a dollar out of a dime.\n","14":"What signals does YouTube look at when evaluating/ranking a video? Likes and dislikes.\n","3":"Best Practice - When calendaring content production, make sure to plan for repurposing your best content. Open up Analytics and find your site’s best performing content and then dissect why it performs. What is hitting? Why is it hitting? When is it hitting? And how can it best be repurposed to hit harder?\n","20":"A little spammy? Maybe. CAPS can help with click through.\n","9":"If you do cats… you have to do dogs.\n","15":"Comments and likes and dislikes in the comments.\n","4":"Repurposing opportunities are plenty. Consider the following: blog post, news release, linkbait article, infographic, video, podcast, image, meme, white paper or power point.\n","21":"# of videos on your channel and # of vidoes on a topic as well as stats associated with those videos factor into the YouTube algo.\n","10":"Back to YouTube, it is all about engagement.\n"}
  • Content Repurposing - Exploiting Multimedia Opportunities

    1. Thank You! David Mink, CEO @dmmink