96% Not About Google


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This presentation was given during SMX Advanced Local University 2013 in Seattle Washington. The presentation has a heavy social focus on Pinterest, Facebook, Yelp, Siri, Apple Maps and Foursquare and we do our best to give alternative methods for traffic besides Google.

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96% Not About Google

  1. 96% Not About GoogleMatt Siltala, Presidentmatt@avalaunchmedia.com@Matt_Siltala
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  4. @Matt_Siltala
  5. @Matt_SiltalaWho Is For?
  6. @Matt_Siltala
  7. @Matt_Siltala
  8. @Matt_SiltalaBOTH?
  9. @Matt_SiltalaMy FIL Pinterest Page
  10. @Matt_Siltala
  11. @Matt_SiltalaWHY DOES WORK?
  12. @Matt_SiltalaBecause Images Spark Emotion
  13. @Matt_SiltalaFor Example
  14. @Matt_Siltala
  15. @Matt_SiltalaAND
  16. @Matt_Siltala
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  20. We Are Visual People
  21. Your Title Here123@Matt_Siltala
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  23. Your Title Here123
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  39. Your Title Here123
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  41. @Matt_Siltala- Case Studies
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  44. Your Title Here123
  45. Your Title Here123
  46. @Matt_SiltalaHow To Infuse Personality-Naming of Boards-Descriptions-Know your Audience-Have a Theme-Tell a Story with your Brand-Be the Expert
  47. @Matt_SiltalaFor the Geeks
  48. @Matt_Siltala-Social Savvy Brand-Things You Can See Out Of A Plane-Art Customers Have Done
  49. @Matt_Siltala-Express Brand ThroughPopular Categories-how crafts are done with sharpies-home décor ideas using sharpies
  50. @Matt_SiltalaCreative Ways To Get PeopleTo Use Your ProductsDrive Sales – How? People need to buyduct tape to do the crafts they pinned.
  51. @Matt_SiltalaAny SEO Benefits?
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  53. Your Title Here123
  54. Your Title Here123
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  56. @Matt_Siltala
  57. Your Title Here123
  58. Your Title HereTraffic@Matt_Siltala
  59. @Matt_Siltala
  60. Graphic Showing Time On Site@Matt_Siltala
  61. Shopify Stats@Matt_Siltala
  62. Tools To Grow Your Brand@Matt_Siltala• Content• Products• Influencers• Trends
  63. @Matt_SiltalaReal Time “Alerts”
  64. @Matt_SiltalaKnow The Moment Someone Pins
  65. @Matt_Siltala
  66. @Matt_Siltala
  67. @Matt_SiltalaWhere to mine for Content ideasEtc. etc. etc
  68. @Matt_Siltala
  69. Grow By Finding Influencers• PinReach• PinPuffTools for finding out how powerful a Pinterest user is:@Matt_Siltala
  70. @Matt_Siltala
  71. @Matt_Siltala
  72. Analytics•Pinerlyhttp://pinerly.com/pinalyticsFully integrated analytics platform for Pinterest@Matt_Siltala
  73. @Matt_Siltala
  74. @Matt_Siltala
  75. @Matt_Siltala
  76. Other Free Facts and TricksIf you haven’t already heard...this is the place to find out ifanyone is pinning anything from your site...or your competitor’ssite. :)http://pinterest.com/source/YOURWEBSITE.com@Matt_Siltala
  77. @Matt_Siltala
  78. @Matt_Siltala
  79. SI on The UpdatesGoogle “Farmer”Update: Big Panda Makes Mountains andMolehillsGoogles Comin, Yo! Penguin Update Resources You CSEO is Dead! Long Live SEO!Be Semantic: How to Install Microdata
  80. @Matt_SiltalaYELP/Apple Maps/Siri
  81. @Matt_SiltalaWhy Bother?
  82. @Matt_Siltala
  83. @Matt_Siltala
  84. @Matt_Siltala
  85. @Matt_SiltalaWhat We Know Works
  86. @Matt_SiltalaDo You Rank Well Locally?=Rank Well On These Services
  87. @Matt_SiltalaNot A Lot Has Changed• Having a physical location in the right city is paramount.• Categories are huge.• Citations and location data are still critical.• Quantity of reviews are still way more important than quality.•…and yes, proximity to centroid still has influence.(Slide source GetListed)
  88. @Matt_Siltala
  89. @Matt_Siltala
  90. @Matt_Siltala
  91. @Matt_Siltala
  92. @Matt_SiltalaOther Tips For Digging Deeper• Whitespark Local Citation Finder• Brightlocal Citation Tracker• Google:"business name" + "phone number"• Organize citations so you can see NAP data errors• Clean up duplicates / erroneous citations
  93. @Matt_SiltalaFix ProblemsCheck InfoGroup, Localeze & Acxiom for incorrect citation information• InfoGroup: http://expressupdateusa.com/• Localeze: http://webapp.localeze.com/directory/get-started.aspxChannel partners get better pricing• Acxiom: http://mybusinesslistingmanager.com/Duplicate citations are bad
  94. @Matt_SiltalaOptimize YourBusiness
  95. @Matt_SiltalaConstant Contact Survey• 50% see inaccurate listings for their business• 70% don’t have time to manage all the sites• 23% have a good sense listings drive traffic• 84% believe that having a mobile-able website is important• 25% know how to create a mobile optimized site• 62% think it is important to be seen on mobile apps• 85% believe more people will be looking for business on mobile sites
  96. @Matt_SiltalaWays ToOptimizeYour Site
  97. @Matt_Siltala
  98. @Matt_SiltalaWays To Optimize Your Site
  99. @Matt_SiltalaReview NumberCounts
  100. @Matt_SiltalaClaim YourBusinessListings….EVERYWHERE!
  101. @Matt_Siltala
  102. @Matt_Siltala
  103. @Matt_SiltalaWhat’s it going to take to get a 70 year old man checking in onFoursquare and posting to Twitter? A Reason
  104. @Matt_SiltalaBut I am a DUI or Divorce AttorneyWhy would anyone want to check in with us?
  105. @Matt_Siltala
  106. @Matt_Siltala5Proprietary and Confidential. Copyright © 2013 BIA/Kelsey. All Rights Reserved.Media Used for Advertising or Promotion55.0%38.7%36.8% 35.7% 34.7% 34.5%31.5%28.2% 27.2%22.5% 22.3% 22.3% 22.0% 21.7% 21.0% 20.7% 20.5% 20.2% 20.0%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%Facebook is now more widely used than ALLother media we survey (aside from websites)19 different media are at 20%+ adoption rate(several are non-traditional “o w ned & earned media”)
  107. @Matt_Siltala21Proprietary and Confidential. Copyright © 2013 BIA/Kelsey. All Rights Reserved.Primary Purpose of Facebook Page41.7%30.9%19.4%5.0%2.2%0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45%AcquireBuild AwarenessBuild CommunityRetainNot sure Customer acquisition is now the #1objective of SMBs using Facebook(up 15% wave-over-wave).
  108. @Matt_SiltalaWhat Gets Shared and Seen?• Video• Photo• Links• Status• *Questions?
  109. @Matt_Siltala• Marketplace AdsTraditional ad unit, may be like or link oriented• Sponsored StoriesPositioned like Marketplace, focused on content• Like AdsLeverage connections to grow fans• Promoted Posts and News Feed AdsOvercome ad blockers and leverage the news feedFacebook Ad Types
  110. @Matt_SiltalaMarketplace Ads
  111. @Matt_SiltalaSponsored Stories
  112. @Matt_SiltalaLike Ads
  113. @Matt_SiltalaPromoted Posts
  115. @Matt_Siltala
  116. @Matt_SiltalaGood Content + Good PromotionWill Always Win!
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  119. @Matt_SiltalaDownload Here:http://avalaunchmedia.com/social-media-explained-ebooks
  120. Thank You!Matt Siltala, Presidentmatt@avalaunchmedia.com@Matt_Siltala