Dancing with mobile technologies


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Interactive discussion on mobile technologies like the iPhone and iPad with the Charlotte Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) on Monday, February 11, 2012.

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Dancing with mobile technologies

  1. 1. Dancing with Mobile Technologies pick up a few steps and learn to improvise
  2. 2. Matt Sharp mattsharp@gmx.com Twitter: @mattsharphttp://www.slideshare.net/mattsharp
  3. 3. Dancing with Mobile Technologies pick up a few steps and learn to improviseAll ages, professions, and walks of life are picking up mobile devices and connecting to the Internet at allhours of the night and day. Learning a few new mobile technology steps can make each of us morecomfortable as we move through home, work, and play. Mobile technology skills learned in one area oflife are instantly usable in other areas, so that we become more informed, more flexible, and moreeffective in our personal and professional lives.At the end of this session, participants will be able to:• Understand the how development and adoption cycles affect the mobile devices we use• Learn and practice mobile technology best practices and etiquette• Learn and teach others about the best mobile technology applications and resources
  4. 4. Dancing with Mobile Technologies pick up a few steps and learn to improvise• Check Out Dance Floor• Know Who Is Dancing• Chose a Style that Suits You and Learn It• Decide on When and Where to Practice• Engage All Your Senses• Set Some Limits• Never Stop Learning
  5. 5. The Dance Floor
  6. 6. The Dance FloorWe Know We KnowWhat We Know What We Don’t KnowWe Don’t Know We Don’t KnowWhat We Know What We Don’t Know
  7. 7. Know Who Is Dancing• All ages• All genders• All countries• All of us!• Share with others• Learn from others
  8. 8. Chose A Style That Suits You• Apple• Google• Amazon• Microsoft• Samsung• HTC• Nokia• Blackberry
  9. 9. Decide on Your Venue• Home• Office• School concerts• Places of worship• Sporting events• Everywhere?• Integration of business and personal
  10. 10. Engage Every Sense• See• Hear• Taste• Feel• Smell
  11. 11. Set Your Own Parameters • 24 hours a day? • 7 days per week? • 365 days per year? • You are the boss, not the device
  12. 12. Set Some Rules• Society is evolving to accommodate, keep current with etiquette.• Business and personal are now integrated, determine how you live with it.• Share with others and learn from others.• You are the boss, not the device.
  13. 13. Where Do I Learn the New Steps?• Formal and Informal Peer Learning• Websites – http://www.lifehacker.org – http://mashable.com/ – http://arstechnica.com/ – http://www.wired.com/ – http://www.apple.com/itunes/charts/free-apps/ – http://www.apple.com/itunes/charts/paid-apps/
  14. 14. Beginner’s Steps1. Find the embedded Help on your phone.2. Get completely comfortable with your own email, calendar, contacts.3. Use the phone to photograph your hotel room number, your rental car license plate, your airport parking spot.4. Sign onto FaceBook at post one picture update a month with a short caption.5. Sign onto Pandora and setup a few stations.
  15. 15. Intermediate Steps1. Show someone else how to use the embedded Help on your phone.2. Connect your device to a second email box and get comfortable switching between the email, calendar, and contacts.3. Use a notebook application like Evernote to tag your photos for later reference.4. Sign onto Twitter and use it to search for outages, like power outages, internet outages, or Gmail outages.5. Ask someone what their favorite free app is and try it.
  16. 16. Advanced Steps1. Convene or attend a informal peer learning group.2. Ask a colleague who uses a different device to share what they like, don’t like, or don’t understand about their device.3. Learn about power management for your devices and make adjustments that fit the way you use your mobile devices.4. Learn how to backup and restore your mobile devices.
  17. 17. Matt Sharp mattsharp@gmx.com Twitter: @mattsharphttp://www.slideshare.net/mattsharp
  18. 18. Dancing with Mobile Technologies pick up a few steps and learn to improvise
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