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The weekley post


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The weekley post

  1. 1. The Weekley Post<br />Recent Family News<br />Just this past summer, I went to the BSA National Jamboree. While I was there, Mom, Rebecca, Elizabeth, and my Nana drove to Niagara Falls and Canada. Also this summer, Rebecca, Elizabeth, and I all went to United Methodist Camp Tekoa for a week. The girls also helped out at our church’s Vacation Bible School while I was at our Councils’ Boy Scout Camp. Dad preached a Summer Series on the Fruit of the Spirit. Now that school has started back, with me being at Public School for the first time, and the girls still homeschooled, it certainly has mad life more hectic for our Family. <br />Weekley Family Bio’s<br />James Mark Weekley <br />Born on March 10th, 1967<br />Father: James Weekley<br />Mother: Rosalyn Weekley<br />Spouse: Jennie Weekley<br />Birthplace: Charlotte, North Carolina<br /> Height: 6 feet tall<br />Eyes: Blue<br />Hair: Brown<br />Occupation: Methodist Minister<br />Jennie Elizabeth Starling Weekley<br />Born on February 21st, 1969<br />Father: William Starling<br />Mother: Elinor Starling <br />Spouse: James Mark Weekley<br />Birthplace: Winston Salem, North Carolina <br />Height: 5 feet 3 inches tall <br />Hair: Black<br />Eyes: Brown<br />Occupation: Homeschool Mom<br />Rebecca Glenn Weekley <br />Born on February 28th, 1995 <br />Father: James Mark Weekley<br />Mother: Jennie Elizabeth Starling Weekley<br />Siblings: Benjamin and Elizabeth Weekley<br />Birthplace: Asheville, North Carolina<br />Height: 5 feet 6 inches<br />Eyes: Brown<br />Hair: Brown<br />Occupation: Student<br />Benjamin Hanson Weekley<br />Born on November 8th, 1996<br />Father: James Mark Weekley<br />Mother: Jennie Elizabeth Starling Weekley<br />Siblings: Rebecca and Elizabeth Weekley<br />Birthplace: Asheville, North Carolina<br />Height: 5 feet 10 inches tall<br />Eyes: Brown<br />Hair: Brown<br />Occupation: Student<br />Elizabeth Claire Weekley<br />Born on December 21st, 1998<br />Father: James Mark Weekley<br />Mother: Jennie Elizabeth Starling Weekley<br />Siblings: Rebecca and Benjamin Weekley<br />Birthplace: Advance, North Carolina<br />Height: 4 feet 9 inches<br />Eyes: Hazel<br />Hair: Brown<br />Occupation: Student<br />FAMILY TREE<br />Grandfather: William StarlingGrandmother: Elinor StarlingGrandfather: James WeekleyGrandmother: Rosalyn WeekleyAunt: Sharon WeekleyUncle: Gray StarlingMy Family Tree<br />Me: Benjamin WeekleySister: Rebecca WeekleySister: Elizabeth Weekley<br />Father: J. Mark WeekleyMother: Jennie Weekley<br />Family History<br />A couple of years ago, mom and Nana traced their side of the family back to the early 20th Century. It turns out some of our ancestors where part of the Keltic Empire, and some fought in the American Civil War after emigrating from Ireland. We even found out that one of our ancestors was buried less than 10 miles from where I used to live!<br />Family Timeline<br />July 27th, 1991: Mom and Dad get married at Maple Springs United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina<br />Summer of 1991: Mom and Dad moved to Atlanta, Georgia for Dad to attend Candler School of Theology. Mom taught 1st grade at Powder Springs Elementary.<br />Summer of 1993: Mom and Dad moved to Asheville, North Carolina for Dad to be the Associate Minister of Evangelism at Central UMC in Asheville<br />February 28th, 1995: Mom gives birth to Rebecca, my oldest sister<br />November 8th, 1996: Mom gives birth to me, Benjamin<br />Summer of 1997: We moved to Advance, North Carolina so that Dad could begin his full time job of Head Minister at Bethlehem United Methodist Church in Advance<br />December 21st, 1998: Mom gives birth to Elizabeth, my youngest sister<br />December 25th, 1998: First Christmas as a family<br />June 18th, 2001: William Starling (Papa) dies of a Heart Attack<br />Summer of 2004: We moved to Greensboro, North Carolina so that Dad could be the new Head Minister at Tabernacle United Methodist Church in Greensboro, North Carolina<br />Summer of 2009: We moved to Albemarle, North Carolina (where we currently live) so that Dad could be the new Head Minister at Central United Methodist Church of Albemarle<br />