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Music video proposal and treatment revisited


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Music video proposal and treatment revisited

  1. 1. Matthew RogeroMusic VideoConcept PaperSong/Music – Beauty and the beatArtist – Justin BeiberDirector – Matthew RogeroGeneral Concept:The general concept of my music video is to try and approach the audience. Entertaining them is themain target. I want to make the viewer’s smile and laugh. By generating a positive and happyattitude in the video I think my targets would be met. But overall, I just want to make the video funto make and produce. I was influenced by the way ‘Beauty and the beat’ was filmed I think we cancreate a video which the audience will enjoy watching.The way beauty and a beat were filmedinvolved a lot of camera work. The people besides the actors play a really big role. They have tokeep a positive attitude towards the camera. In a way they have to attract the audience, showthem a fun and positive attitude. The purpose of this is to bring the audience in the video, showingthem how fun it is. We also have to make the video stuck in the viewer’s mind, we have to makethe music video very attractive.BOTTOM LINE – FUN!!Guidelines: 1. 4 – 5 people will star in the video – Matt, Chloe, Olivia and Luke 2. It will be a performance video – The bottom line is that we have to make it really attractive to the audience 3. It can be shot outside or inside – Preferably outside to show a good background in the music video 4. The stars of the video will have to hold camera and point it at themselves – If needed we can re-hearse some practice shots to get the actual shots right 5. Whilst pointing it at themselves they will have to walk in a certain direction – We can re- hearse the directions so during filming we will not struggle during filming 6. But doing that all 5 or 3 of them will take turns holding the camera – We will practice and discuss who will hold and star in the video 7. I want a natural feeling of the filming (no edits and effects) – The purpose of this is to give the video a natural look to it 8. Only slight editing will be needed after the shooting has finished – Just certain bits to clean up some bits in the video 9. Hand held mid shots mostly throughout the video 10. A lot of takes would be needed to make the shots perfect
  2. 2. Matthew Rogero 11. If the weather is nice an open field would be good 12. The lighting would be bright in order for the viewers to get good viewing – To make the video really attractiveHere is the link of the video that I was influenced by. Here are some videos that are also related to the video that I was influenced by:
  3. 3. Matthew Rogero Designer: Chloe WhittleDirectors of Photography: Luke TaylorAssistant Director: Chloe WhittleProduction Manager: Oliva BerryArt Director: Matthew RogeroSet Decorator: Matthew RogeroHead Stylist: Luke TaylorMake-up: Chloe WhittleEditor: Olivia BerryGFX: Matthew RogeroEQUIPMENT: Luke TaylorConcerns: Finding the correct location
  4. 4. Matthew Rogero People not knowing their job roles correctly Time management Bad weather Equipment might be hard to use Equipment might be faulty People might change their mind about staring in the video