Magazine cover presntation


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Magazine cover presntation

  1. 1. Magazine Front Cover Analysis Matthew Rogero
  2. 2. Do a mood board of different music magazines…..
  3. 3. Place a music magazine cover here, select one which will have a similar target audience to your own
  4. 4. Title of Magazine - The title of the magazine is simple and bold - The colour blue is really attractive - The masthead doesn’t use serif styles
  5. 5. Masthead & Selling Line - - Masthead is very simple, big and bold It is also bright which makes it very appealing The selling line are about the role models themselves which would make it appealing to that role model's audience The text on the left tends to be bigger than the right, this makes the magazine look more eye catching
  6. 6. Main Image - The celebrity in this magazine is Kanye West. He is a very famous rapper in todays music industry - People who like rap will get attracted to this type of magazine - The facial impression that he has is very simple
  7. 7. Cover Lines & Main Sells - From what we can see we have a lot of selling stories that we can see in front of the magazine, this simply attracts the audience. - The text of the stories are also very bright and bold, this just simply makes it attractive to the audience - The placement of the text is very eye catching as well, we can see that it gets bigger from the left then gets smaller to the right, this makes it appealing because the bigger stories are on the left
  8. 8. Do the same thing for another magazine…select one with adifferent genre to make a good comparison. - This is a magazine aimed specifically for women - The audience for this magazine from what we can see is people who like pop music
  9. 9. Comparisons - The appearance of the magazine is more bright and colourful - The image of the role model is a female - The colour is a lot more aimed at females in general - The text is simpler and easier to read, it uses no serif style of writing Vibe is an R&B magazine whereas Blender is a pop magazine who are targeted at women. Blender magazine looks a lot more softer to look at where as vibe looks a lot more edgy. The sub stories on the magazine, in terms of text looks a lot more softer and light. Whereas the text on vibe is a lot more sharper and the colours on the text are darker.
  10. 10. Ideas for your own magazine - Bright and bold colours - Non serif type of text - Simple use of text - Masthead to be simple as well - Catchy title - The background to be bright - Slanted type of imagery to attract the audience -