Joes work on rights


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Joes work on rights

  1. 1. Chloe Whittle
  2. 2. Race Relations Act 1976Was established by the parliament of the UnitedKingdom to prevent discrimination on thegrounds of race. Items that are covered includediscrimination on the grounds ofrace, colour, nationality, ethnic and nationalorigin in the fields of employment, the provisionof goods and services, education and publicfunctions.
  3. 3. Copyright and Intellectual Property LawRefers to any creative work or inventionconsidered to be property of its creator.Often, recognized and protected under thecorresponding fields of law. Owners are grantedcertain exclusive rights, such as the ability topublish to various markets, license themanufacture and distribution of inventions andsure in case of unlawful or deceptive copying.
  4. 4. Broadcasting Act• This is a law of the British parliament, often regarded by both its supporters and its critics as a quintessential example of Thatcherism. The anime if the Act was to reform the entire structure of British broadcasting; British television, in particular, had earlier been described by Margret Thatcher as “the last bastion of restrictive practices”. It governs what can be shown on tv.
  5. 5. Privacy LawRefers to the laws which deal with theregulations of personal information aboutindividuals which can be collected bygovernments and other public as well as privateorganisations and its storage and use.
  6. 6. Human Rights Act 1998Right to privacy, right to live, exist, right to have a family,to own property, free speech, safety from violence,equality of both males and females; womens rights, fairtrial, to be innocent until proven guilty, to be a citizen of acountry, the right to express his or her sexual orientation,to vote, to seek asylum if a country treats you badly, tothink freely, to believe and practice the religion a personants, to peacefully protest (speak against) a governmentgroup, health care (medical care), education, tocommunicate through a language, not be forced intomarriage, the right to love, the right to work.
  7. 7. Licensing ActAn act of parliament of the United Kingdom. Theact establishes a single integrated scheme forlicensing premises which are used for the sale ofsupply of alcohol, to provide regulatedentertainment or to provide late nightrefreshment.
  8. 8. Libel LawEnglish law allows actions for libel to be boughtin the High court for any published statementswhich are alleged to defame a named oridentifiable individual (or individuals) in amanner which causes them loss in their trade orprofession, or cause a reasonable person tothink worse of him her or them.
  9. 9. Obscene Publications ActThis law has governed what can be published orreleased in England and Wales. The classicdefinition of criminal obscenity is if it !trends todeprave and corrupt”.