Bridging the Generational Gap


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With four different generations converging in today's workforce, the struggles of communication and workplace dominance have never been stronger. Join the debate as we pair two generations on one stage to compare the strengths and weaknesses of Millennials and Old Schoolers, and learn the value in understanding one another to bridge the generational divide.

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Bridging the Generational Gap

  1. 1. Bridging the Generational Gap Keeping Your Sanity in the Workplace Chris Perez, APR | @cperez08 Matt Prince | @Matt_Prince #PRSAWDC
  2. 2. The definition of your generation does not define who you are. It’s an artificial designation, and whether you choose to accept it, is up to you. #PRSAWDC
  3. 3. Traditionalists 1925 - 1945 #PRSAWDC
  4. 4. Baby Boomers 1946 - 1964 #PRSAWDC
  5. 5. Generation X 1965 - 1979 #PRSAWDC
  6. 6. Millennials 1980 - 1997 #PRSAWDC
  7. 7. Generation Z 1997 - 2010 #PRSAWDC
  8. 8. By 2020, Millennials will make up HALF of the workforce. 60% of employees report friction between younger and older employees. #PRSAWDC
  9. 9. How Millennials Describe Themselves Hard Working How HR Professionals Describe Millennials 65% People Savvy 14% 35% 86% 82% 1% 86% 11% Tech Savvy Loyal to Employer
  10. 10. The PROBLEM with stereotyping: Poor Employee Morale Difficult Hiring/Low Retention Diminished Productivity Threat of Litigation
  12. 12. Trophy Kids Millennials are: #PRSAWDC
  13. 13. Millennials grew up coddled, needing nothing. They are demanding and have a warped sense of entitlement. #PRSAWDC
  14. 14. Beat It Deal with it Provide regular feedback When criticizing, underline their importance You are NOT special Be OK with not getting a trophy #PRSAWDC
  15. 15. Technophobes Older Workers are: #PRSAWDC
  16. 16. Older workers are seriously behind technology curve. And worse, they mock and criticize what they don’t understand. #PRSAWDC
  17. 17. Beat It Deal with it Reverse mentor Find common ground Accept your differences You can’t learn it, if you don’t DO it #PRSAWDC
  18. 18. Narcissistic Millennials are: #PRSAWDC
  19. 19. Their devotion to social media has created a #selfie culture that feeds on daily validation. #PRSAWDC
  20. 20. Beat It Deal with it Be patient, but firm Listen Explain YOUR feelings Grow up! Filter Your Life: IFE IFE #PRSAWDC
  21. 21. Stuck in Tradition Older Workers are: #PRSAWDC
  22. 22. Older managers are stuck in the way it’s always been done. #PRSAWDC
  23. 23. Beat It Deal with it Demonstrate new best practices Pick your battles Reduce # and length of meetings Offer flex time/creative work environment Reevaluate evaluations #PRSAWDC
  24. 24. Difficult to work with Millennials are: #PRSAWDC
  25. 25. They bring their lifestyle to the office. Show no initiative. Are opinionated. And don’t show enough respect. #PRSAWDC
  26. 26. Beat It Deal with it Lighten up Show respect Build structure Take risks Recognize professionalism Be better than everyone else #PRSAWDC
  27. 27. Difficult to Work With Older Workers are: #PRSAWDC
  28. 28. They are parenting millennials at home and trying to parent at work. #PRSAWDC
  29. 29. Beat It Deal with it Give to get Accept responsibility Don’t compare to your kids Don’t say: “When I was your age!” Leave drama at home #PRSAWDC
  30. 30. WANT: What we all #PRSAWDC 1. Good Career 2. Happy Marriage 3. Loving Family
  31. 31. Bridging the Generational Gap Keeping Your Sanity in the Workplace Chris Perez, APR | @cperez08 Matt Prince | @Matt_Prince #PRSAWDC