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>>At Deery Brothers Ford-Lincoln, a smoothly running, efficient parts department is a
key ingredient of a successful, prof...
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Microcat Deery Success Story_Final


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Microcat Deery Success Story_Final

  1. 1. >>At Deery Brothers Ford-Lincoln, a smoothly running, efficient parts department is a key ingredient of a successful, profitable dealership. That is why Deery Brothers came back to Microcat EPC for good. As a premier dealership in its area, Deery Brothers takes great pride in developing customers for life by creating an exceptional experience, from the first purchase to ongoing service and maintenance. As a result, Deery Brothers boasts a near-endless stock of glowing customer testimonials. “We had been happily using Microcat for years when a competitor sweet-talked us into trying the new version of their product,” says Jared Martz, Parts Director, for Deery Brothers Ford-Lincoln. “Within 60 days, we found out the hard way that the other guys’ promises just didn’t come true. We were back with Microcat in a few months, and things are going great. Infomedia’s sales and service team has been excellent. It’s good to work with people you can count on.” “Maybe the most important thing to us at Deery is that Microcat does what it promises, efficiently and reliably,” says Martz. “In our business, there’s no way we can afford to have our parts system go down. It’s a tried and true EPC that just doesn’t let us down.” Reliable Information Improves Department Performance “We also really like the accuracy of the information that Microcat delivers,” continues Martz. “Its VIN filtering always gives us the most up-to-date parts data available. Plus, Microcat integrates very well with our DMS. Everything fits together seamlessly, which saves a lot of time and hassles.” Ease of Use “Microcat is quick and easy to use,” says Martz. “The different windows are clear and intuitive — they make it simple for our techs to get all the right parts a job will need the first time. It’s all about productivity.” The Bottom Line “There aren’t too many products that live up to their claims,” says Martz. “Microcat keeps its word and then some. It helps make our parts department perform better, and helps our dealership succeed. We’re back to stay with Microcat.” Deery Brothers Depends on Microcat EPC’s Proven Reliability Fast, user-friendly functionality, increased parts department efficiency and rock-solid dependability bring Deery Brothers Ford-Lincoln back to Microcat. Microcat is the Electronic Parts Catalog that provides the best VIN filtering, the most up-to-date OEM data and a fast, easy menu system. Plus, it comes with the best service in the business. Go with Microcat, and you won’t go back. Call 888-929-5599 or visit You never sign a contract with Microcat because we have to earn your business every day. FROM MICROCAT EPC IS PART OF THE INFOMEDIA SUITE OF INDUSTRY LEADING PARTS AND SERVICE SELLING SYSTEMS. Watch the Video “I’ve seen it all after 28 years in parts. Microcat is the best EPC.” — Jared Martz, Parts Director, Deery Brothers Ford-Lincoln, Iowa City, IA