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Affordable warmth without the worry


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Home Heating Solution's unique Biomass, Renewable Heating Incentive and District Heating proposition.

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Affordable warmth without the worry

  1. 1. Home Heating Solutions We install and enable ESCO’s, The RHI and HousingAssociations/Local Authorities The Home Heating Solution A 6 Step Plan
  2. 2. Home Heating SolutionsWe install and enableIT’S ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE"We will leave a steam engine free of charge to you.We will install these and will take over for five yearsthe customer service. We guarantee you that the coalfor the machine costs less, than you must spend atpresent on fodder (energy) for the horses, to do thesame work. And everything that we require of you, isthat you give us a third of the money, which you save." [James Watt, 1736-1819]
  3. 3. Home Heating Solutions We install and enable MAIN DRIVERS 6 key aspects of Energy Conservation1. Rising Energy Costs? How do we stabilise?2. Fuel Poverty Mitigation? How do we address?3. Budget Constraints? How can we meet them?4. Code for sustainable Homes? How do we comply?5. Carbon Reduction Commitment? How do we meet it?6. Renewable Technologies? How do we understand them?
  4. 4. Home Heating Solutions We install and enable Solution Focus 6 Steps to Renewable Energy Integration1. Provide for Energy Needs by partnering with an ESCO (Energy Service Company)2. Address Financial Needs by purchasing Energy, not equipment3. Reduce Fuel Poverty through reduction in consumption and lower energy costs4. Meet or exceed legislation by incorporating Renewable Energy5. Improve CRC Rating and reduce Costs6. Reduce Maintenance Budget by taking it Off Balance Sheet
  5. 5. Home Heating Solutions We install and enable Benefits• Integrated with ECO to Reduce Consumption and Improve Efficiency• Low to zero Capital Requirement for retrofit or new build• Rapid Installation through Modular “Plug and Play” System• Stable, Predictable Future Energy Costs• Secure Energy Supply• 24/7 Monitoring and Service• Revenue sharing through Joint-Venture Participation• Reduction in CRC Tax• Improved Corporate Image (“Greener” organisation)
  6. 6. Home Heating SolutionsWe install and enable For more information please contact Matt Lucas Business Development Director Home Heating Solutions 07502220638