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My talk from freelance camp this year - geting going and making freelancing work.

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  • if one person takes away one idea. Ive successed. Bullshit. What a waste. I better kick some butt.

  • definition of freelancer
  • - nothing to gain, just advice
     not selling nonstick pans
    - I have been on both sides.

    - Should I do rails or PHP? should I do UX or IA?
    - I dont care, but you should. Do what you love.

  • Tangent = Speaking in threes - because Steve Jobs does it.  Everythign he does is awesome.  drinking water.  how efficent, and clean.  No extra stuff.  The way drinking water should be.  Eliminating left handed people notwithstanding.

  • - Quote “money isnt the most crutial asset int he world - time is”.
    - Watch Vayderchuck on

    -  Story: Trying to work from home writing software for money when you really want to be cooking, and what that feels like to wake up and realize that.

  • Tax Structures  and accounting
    I have a corp. Hire good support
    Story - Me and QB
    Incorporation? Hire a lawyer if you can. Make sure it’s done right.

  • - Can you wear all the hats?  
    Are you organized?  
    The most important thing is that you do it right, not cheap, and not yourself unless you can handle it.

    - Story : trying to freelance 2 things at once. Plus wife.
    - Story: Quickbooks

  • seek a solid work env.
    - are you a social person?  Do you need to be around people? Make sure you aren’t working from home a lot.  Coffee shops are also over rated.  Take it from someone who does it.  
    Working from home happens with freelancers. Especially for sales cycles.

    - Story: day in the life of matt - starbucks, talking to the cat, starbucks , finding a power outlet, lunch, chatting with my wife, I hate coffee now. My cat doesnt talk much. .

  • Stand out.
    Do good work

    remind you customer why u rick
    Business cards
    Social Media.
    Best+worst: word of mouth.  Its a small town.  

    Story - rajeev
  • exchange favors

  • Story - Selling in Ambler PA

  • rajeev
  • Taking on Work
    - keep you sales pipeline overfull
    - Expect (at least) 50% of your work to fall through.
    - you can always say no.

  • Unless you want a long term relationship

    NDAs - get used ot them if you want to work. So many awful ideas out there, its free to get a peek!

    Non-competes : half of them dont stand up in court - but that doesnt mean you should sign them.

    Its ok to cross out silliness in a contract.

    If you got that far, it means they want you. If they get upset with your terms... well, you might not want to deal with them.

    There are companies that will sue you.

    Story - you brought them the business
  • Working with your client.  
    speak your mind
    -  Nobody likes surprises.  
    - Remember: everyone makes mistakes.  
    - Clients love reporting in, and so few people do it.  A quick email on Friday detailing what happened this week and project targets for next week give you a lot of credibility.

    Story: Find ways to deliver the same on budget.

    Lowe Roch story: when ever I complain about something, I remind them why.  When ever I say something, I make sure someone paying my bill knows why its in their interest.

  • Project one. Oh sure its just a little change. I want to keep the client happy. Oh wait one more little change..three months later....

    but what if you arent getting pid for it?

    Project two. “hey someone added a button here. I dont know what it doesnt but it looks like it might take a day of EXTRA work. “
  • what oes this mean in a consulting environment?

  • - projects get delayed.
    - clients dont pay on time
    - some dont pay at all

  • nobody does this!!!

    Go visit your past clients within a month of product launch. Ask how things went. See what went well, get some feedback on the project.

    Then figure out if there is more work.
  • Find people like me. Meet me for something thats not coffee.
    times change. other perspectives are welcome.

    Ask for advice. Ask for feedback. Then follow it! Take one thing and do it.

    story: billing for interactive work
  • - have fun with it.

  • Talk for freelancecampto

    1. 1. good morning Freelancing 101 - Realities, Ideas and Stories @mattkantor
    2. 2. who is this guy?
    3. 3. 16 x 1/2 and I cook too.
    4. 4. mercenaries
    5. 5. what are you selling us?
    6. 6. issues. tips. stories.
    7. 7. love it (or have a high tolerance for self-hatred).
    8. 8. death and taxes
    9. 9. do you like hats?
    10. 10. your cat is not your cube-mate.
    11. 11. marketing is easy
    12. 12. opposites attract.
    13. 13. always be closing
    14. 14. it’s a small world after all.
    15. 15. 50%
    16. 16. wear a condom
    17. 17. manage your client.
    18. 18. scope = creep
    19. 19. everyone makes mistakes and so can you.
    20. 20. (almost there!)
    21. 21. show me the money!
    22. 22. follow up.
    23. 23. seek advice.
    24. 24. final thoughts
    25. 25. thanks. @mattkantor